hoarse wisper...
2003-10-01 14:19:08 ET

I sound like an old woman who smoked (actually inhaled) cigars since age 18.
Folsom was really cool
details will come so very soon

2003-10-01 14:23:01 ET

yeah, i sound something like that too..
being sick sucks.

2003-10-01 14:24:50 ET

yes....everyone keeps asking me what is wrong...the funny part is is that I am over my cold already I just wouldn't shut up when I was sick, so now I sound like complete shit...
I don't think me screeming helps either....hrrrmmm

2003-10-01 20:32:17 ET

Who was making you scream? lol

2003-10-01 20:42:10 ET

well you and steph of coarse...

songs anyway...
boy do i wish i was screaming something else..

2003-10-02 13:12:36 ET

hahaha. Steph and I making you scream... now there's an image.

2003-10-02 16:30:54 ET

a wonderful wonderful image....

2003-10-02 16:31:43 ET


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