2003-10-02 12:25:41 ET

everyoen is sick it seems like...grrrr
I hate sick
and sounding like shit
*inserts new complaint*
*some generic camille comment about sex*
what do I know anyway.
not much
oh how I want to learn more
and now for something completely different
(a.k.a actual information about my life)
Happy about school for the most part
I am sick of my stupid english teacher
she is forcibly political
I wish she would just teach us any information that is at all non political and about english
Bio is very difficult
We had a test today and lamely I drew a black when asked to describe enzymes in the form of catalysts
I read the chapters twice
I am catching up
wasn't fired
and all that lonliness crap I spew

le tigre please change my sour mood
needs boy/girl like a combo of the two I miss so much

Folsom: was full of great whips chips dicks etc.
felt basic sexual frustration the whole day
was too sick to do anything about it, plus that whole thing about me being under 18
everyone should look at
there might be pics of me and rix
alot of people stopped to take pictures woo woo
I don't know if she knows this but some guy tried to take a picture up her skirt when we were dancing

after/during the fair stephie and I had a very fufilling argument with chaz about how bondage is not wrong
god damn it pisses me off how he treats me

2003-10-02 12:27:49 ET

le tigre can heal any yucky feeling..
except sexual frustration..

2003-10-02 13:45:15 ET

A) I knew. >:-D I practically flipped it up for him.
B) We were ALL arguing with Chaz. And he was pissing me off.

2003-10-02 16:32:27 ET


2003-10-03 08:38:05 ET

they aint up yet.

2003-10-05 12:26:58 ET

i keep hearing about le tigre..but i gots nothing to dl any music from em


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