oh man
2003-10-07 10:21:25 ET

I smoked a ciggarette last night...boy do I feel like a shit head...
((lame entery))
damn it

2003-10-07 10:53:48 ET

do you smoke a cigg after sex??

i want to do that!!.........i dunno why......hmmmm

2003-10-07 11:23:54 ET

I just started...it's bad bad bad but SO good.

2003-10-07 12:23:52 ET

suicidekisses...hahaha no...I wish I had gotten some..but alas nope.
twilightskin....it is...really so bad...good...grrrr...I quit about a month and half ago...but not anymore!

2003-10-07 17:35:46 ET

i always smoke. so?

2003-10-08 01:28:13 ET

Mmmmmmmcancer. *hocks something up*

You need to not smoke, so in 20 years, there might be a real Monterey Bay Punk Girl alive to tell the tales. I'm sure as hell not gonna make it! :-P

2003-10-08 06:39:06 ET

oh pahleeeze.

2003-10-08 16:17:49 ET

What was that, doll?

2003-10-08 18:51:58 ET


2003-10-08 18:52:15 ET


2003-10-09 00:10:14 ET

You wanna take this outside, little girl? ;-)

2003-10-09 03:14:18 ET

I've been trying to quit smoking for about 2 months now.. ugh.. down to about 4 a day now from a pack a day.. ugh.. smoking baaad..

2003-10-09 03:30:38 ET

but oh so good.

2003-10-09 11:33:13 ET

|begins to sob| yes! but oh so good!!

2003-10-09 11:50:54 ET

nope i'm kool. tehe.

2003-10-09 12:05:30 ET

okay kids..enough of that
I will be able to tell those stories
I'll write a book for the illiterate
calll it;
you can't read, oh so punk
b/c we/I am just soooo punk
yes rikki, your legend will live on

2003-10-09 12:06:12 ET

*cough* nothing.

2003-10-09 21:42:23 ET

lol- I'm so punk rock that I shower in vodka. :-P

2003-10-10 06:34:56 ET

hmm vodka's nice but i prefur water.

2003-10-10 10:12:18 ET

tee hee

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