wee little dorky
2003-10-09 12:03:11 ET

sitting here in my lonesome library at school, just let it slip that I have a thing for a guy (gasp)
now he'll know
gee I didn't know that that wasn't my plan
maybe something terrible will happen like I will get some..
that would suck soooooo bad

anyway, enough of that
I wrote a story that I find wonderful...
I am going to put up a link to it in another journal entry..
noir style..

2003-10-09 12:05:44 ET

*daria sarcasm* oh no a boy. make the madness end.

2003-10-09 12:06:58 ET

why do you do that tabby?

2003-10-09 12:08:22 ET

a boy??
no!!! dont do it!!!

2003-10-09 12:08:23 ET

*no note of sarcasm* what do i do?

2003-10-09 12:18:41 ET

never mind.... :/

2003-10-09 12:19:44 ET

no i'm curious. what do i do? is it my screaming sarcasm and jokes.

2003-10-09 12:56:42 ET

no other words then? whatever.

2003-10-09 12:58:04 ET

no, tabby it's you being critical of everything I do.
no explainations please
I just wanted to say it

2003-10-09 12:58:50 ET

i'm not being critical. i was being sarcastic and jokey about what i said. to bad you took it the wrong way.

2003-10-09 13:08:19 ET

now tha ti think about it the only time i was critical was witht he smoking thing. so sorry if you took that as harsh. its just tht i've seen you smoke before and you did not treat it as a big deal then.

2003-10-10 00:16:03 ET


Stop it, guys. If you guys can't get along, just don't interact!
I like the both of ya, and I don't feel like having to hear you guys talk smack about eachother back and forth. PLEASE!!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!! :-P

2003-10-10 06:43:27 ET

well if she is going to say something i will defend myself. and i would like probable reasons. and rikki *prays that rikki wont beat her haha* its not about you. so dont worry about it.

2003-10-10 10:15:38 ET

actually that is why I didn't respond. And she is right.
I don't even know why you respond to my stuff tabby. I know that you don't like me. It's okay. Seriously.
rikki wouldn't beat me
now I am being childish

2003-10-10 17:51:02 ET

hey well i try. but sometimes. especially with my bass issues. its not helping.

2003-10-10 19:14:12 ET

TAKE THE STUPID BASE. it doesn't work. chase told me your selling it. I don't care
come get it.
when I took it to be fixed he told me it was going to over a 100$ so I didn't get it fixed.
if I had I would have kept it.
but also I have no talent for music. you might
so take it. take it. take it. I want you too.

2003-10-10 19:22:54 ET

Ok your just repeating things you've told me over and over agian.

and believe me if i had a free moment i would go and get it. but i have no freaking clue your dad's schedule. and it can be fixed i know someone who can fix it. and dont listen to chase he doesnt know what he's talking about. he thinks i'm gonna let him use it. and i'll need the address agian i lost the copy just apartment # and the number of the building.

2003-10-10 19:23:20 ET

believe me i have no insturment talent. but i'm gonna try.

2003-10-11 04:21:54 ET

Tabby, I didn't say it was about me. But I know both of you. So the more you two DON'T get along, the more I get to HEAR about you not getting along. Got me?

2003-10-12 07:09:41 ET

of course.

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