2003-10-10 15:14:24 ET

I bring the gun to the flesh of my temple. The circle of cold metalic substance is warmed by skin. I move the gun slowly to the back of my head, holding, held, there. Minutes pass.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Snap. Click. Click. Click.

The make beleive bullets enter my brain scattering pieces of my flesh and bone hit the wall. Blood spaters into nice messy art. I awake. Gun in hand. To the temple.

Chamber. Empty.

2003-10-10 15:36:27 ET


2003-10-10 15:42:49 ET

That was hilarious. --;;

Really got me with that ending.

2003-10-10 16:30:05 ET

did you write that?

if you did, that's awesome, i read the other bit you wrote in your last entry......it was amazing.....i like your writing

2003-10-10 19:19:35 ET

yea I did..
(looks sheepish)

2003-10-10 20:56:43 ET

*wipes your brains off of self*

2003-10-10 21:43:53 ET

that was truly awesome then.

2003-10-11 16:08:29 ET

gee wiz guys
(I deal badly with praise)

2003-10-11 17:16:12 ET

everyone does, but seriously....the shit was awesome

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