did you say something?
2003-10-11 19:56:11 ET

stoic. emotionless. lack of feeling. robot like. aloof. apathetic. calm. cool. detached. dispassionate. dry. enduring. impassive. imperturbable. indifferent. indomitable. long-suffering. matter-of-fact. patient. phlegmatic. resigned. self-controlled. sober. stolid. unconcerned. unemotional. unflappable. unmoved. flat. insensible. laid back. languid. moony. passive. callous. untouched. diffident. distant. equitable. haughty. heartless. heedless. impartial. impervious. inattentive. listless. neutral. nonchalant. nonpartisan. objective. passionless. regardless.

punk girls aren't supposed to cry in crowded restaurants about a teacher they miss.

punk girls are. see above.

2003-10-12 04:48:59 ET

must have been a great teacher :(

2003-10-12 17:47:51 ET

yea...he was awesome

2003-10-13 03:36:22 ET

what did he teach you if you don't mind my prying?

2003-10-13 17:09:54 ET


2003-10-14 16:55:20 ET


Wow. There's a new one by me. ;-)

2003-10-15 11:22:11 ET

haha..I think it means composed..ya know

2003-10-15 18:18:21 ET

I know. Just teasing.

This teacher must have been a really cool cat.

2003-10-16 13:41:27 ET

((sad face))

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