caffeine headache ensues
2003-10-13 18:35:22 ET

eat. school. work. eat. study. sleep. repeat.

The dried sleep collected around her eyes periodically until she could see no more. Numbed fingers scraped the lids, removing the crap. That crap. This insomnia thing has got to stop she thought.
She sat up in bed. Looked around. Saw that the mice had indeed returned. Shit.
Fucking stupid dirty creatures. Leaving there god damn excrement where they damn well pleased. Her floor showed that broad as day.
Her back cracked as she tore her self from the warmth. Feet touched down on a filthy cold floor. She raised her hand to run her fingers through her hair. Damn, I need to shower. Hands met with greasy tendrils.
Her eyes swiftly shifted to the only light in the room, it flashed an electronic time. 5:38. She was going to be late for school again.

2003-10-14 16:56:52 ET

*has high school flashbacks*

2003-10-15 11:25:47 ET

thats no good

2003-10-17 01:23:15 ET

i have to go to school right now.......*sadness*

but i still love your writting.....more damnit...MORE!!!

2003-10-17 12:11:44 ET

thanks hon!

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