d's, d's, d's, d's
2003-10-21 17:49:08 ET

is what I am getting this fine 1st quarter.....ummm....save me??

So, I have yet another hoplessly romantic girly plan to enchant him yet again.
bull shit

Plan: Call him. Go out with him. Anywhere. get him alone. Say "So, there is this things..." Grab him. Kiss Him. Wake up.

Yea the smurf right
not gonna happen

What would I do after that.
go home (120 miles away) again
sit home

someone needs to break my FACE.

2003-10-21 18:23:23 ET

Yeah, I'll break your face. j/k. YOu really should try...or maybe go a little slower. It depends on how bad you wanna get your message across. I say you should go for it though.

2003-10-21 22:28:16 ET

first off, get roommates away from the two of you...grrr.

then don't blow it like i did once the roommate disappears.

2003-10-22 01:37:21 ET

i think i'm getting all a's and b's......this would be the first time in my life, hahaha

i think.....you should take it slower, but not THAT much slower, but just not THAT fast.....he might think you're crazy

2003-10-22 04:49:52 ET

but she IS crazy.

2003-10-22 11:30:01 ET

ben knows..listen to the man

I have known this guy for a while already...so he will know that is just me....or he will die of shock
I prolly won't go through with it anyway....

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