2003-10-23 12:45:14 ET

I am getting my nipple piercing finally!!

2003-10-23 12:47:18 ET

yay :) i think that getting my septum done hurt more than the nipples. ive never been punched in the face, but that must have been what it feels like

2003-10-23 13:03:56 ET

what are you waiting for, get 'em both done!!

2003-10-23 13:59:23 ET

Feel free to send before+after pics my way.

2003-10-23 13:59:29 ET


2003-10-23 14:21:59 ET

oh my god you must let me see!!! *perverted*

2003-10-23 18:41:22 ET

you guys!

I just want one done...I hate hate hate semetry, but I like to be even!!
I might post it on my website in the...prolly not for a while though...

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