2003-10-27 17:23:25 ET

no piercing of the nippular kinda. but I did get my right ear hacked and bled for abouut 30 minutes until I had a nice successful piercing in the cartilage. mmm pain(t)..
nice and quotey

"Give me a year and I will teach you to like pain(t)."

I still have not talked to boy. I have full intention of doing this. I swear.
Ist quarter of school is up. I am doing well like parents on prom night.

kiwi turned 18. woo for her. she will not see this.
rikki turned 19. she also will not see this.

2003-10-27 17:30:48 ET

that sounded painful...what gauge?

2003-10-27 17:46:44 ET

the problem with it was that is was an 18 gauge needle with a 16 gauge thats why they kinda had to open it up a little by "hacking"
but I am being over dramatic...there was no "hacking"

2003-10-27 18:10:01 ET

have the damned talk already!!!

sure, i haven't technically had mine yet, but i've spoken up.

2003-10-27 18:13:51 ET

oh he knows.....we just need to talk it out now

2003-10-27 18:20:01 ET

ah, same here. it is the suck. i don't think i'm ever going to convince her to let me be alone with her.

2003-10-27 18:38:18 ET

yea.....I think mine situationn is a little more in control...but who knows

2003-10-27 18:41:39 ET

my situation is ass. and if i manage to improve it, i'll fuck it up. guaranteed.

2003-10-27 18:43:00 ET

oh ben...that sucks way too much shit for're too cool for that crap..
I just want you to know that

2003-10-27 18:46:40 ET

i know eventually i'm gonna ask the why question.

why am i not a good candidate for dating, yet those loser exes were such fucking gems?

2003-10-27 19:14:04 ET

i duuno...most girls seriously need a reality check
the boy that is nice to them is too good for them
it's just super lame
sometimes, boys are like that too

2003-10-27 19:29:23 ET

yeah, i know i've turned down one nice girl in my life. but the problem was that she was so deadly serious ALL the time and since you've met me, you are probably aware of how insane that would drive me.

2003-10-28 16:11:56 ET

I understand

2003-10-28 17:19:37 ET

why did they pierce you with a different sized needle?! hmmm
glad they did that to your ear and not your nipple..

we should have a national compatability test administered and people that matched could all be friends with one another and date each other and life would be so much easier.

2003-10-28 19:45:14 ET

but your first quetion.... it was on a whim and thats all we had
my nipple would have been done with the correct gauge corresponding to the gauge of the bar
but.... yes I am glad it was my ear instead of nipple...ack...

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