I exist!
2003-11-12 21:22:31 ET

just got my birth certificate in the mail
road to license here I come!
I have no faith in the DMV whatsoever
nevermind I am going to be taking the bus forever

2003-11-12 21:23:50 ET

I don't have a birth certificate.

Never did.

I was birthed in a swimming pool behind my gramma's trailor.

2003-11-12 21:24:02 ET

PS: That MAY have been a complete lie.

2003-11-12 21:26:06 ET

I have 2...both contradicting each other.

And screw the bus...pollute with the rest of us

2003-11-12 21:28:07 ET

haha...man rix..you are a super dork and that makes you my hero

kilted; yes, just yes

2003-11-12 21:58:53 ET

Dork, retard, whateva.

2003-11-12 22:27:08 ET

THE DMV is my nemesis!! I took my driver's test 6 whopping times. 6!!!!!! I hate them!! But then again...I nearly killed 2 people and ran over some lights and went reverse instead of forward once. So yeah....but I still hate them. GOOD LUCK!

2003-11-13 05:35:07 ET

yes...I completely concur on that thought vidasonica...

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