2003-11-17 20:20:44 ET

when I was eight, I threw up on the dentist.
I had forgotten
but my sister reminded me

2003-11-17 20:21:45 ET

ahhhhhh good times...

2003-11-17 20:22:57 ET

when i was eight, i threw up on a bunch of library books. in the library. while wearing my sunday best.

i believe my parents had to pay outrageous prices.

2003-11-17 20:23:35 ET

She's a loving sister I see...

Bush Sr. Threw up on the prime minister of china or something

2003-11-17 20:25:52 ET was japan...and I have it on tape

2003-11-17 20:28:40 ET

HAHA! K3wl....he threw up on an Asian....

2003-11-17 20:28:45 ET

way to go :D

2003-11-17 20:44:37 ET

throwing up is so hardcore.

2003-11-17 20:46:59 ET

you have that on tape? that's gross, I luv it!

2003-11-17 20:58:07 ET

Since were talking about throwing up here...I must add that an old dog of mine used to throw up his food all the damn time and then eat it back up. He would do it over and over again. I hear its normal or something. Bleh.

2003-11-17 21:06:02 ET

at least hes self sufficient!
now get him to eat his own shit and
then you will be set.

2003-11-17 21:13:46 ET

Now that is when I would proudly sing "recycle re-use reduce!!"

2003-11-17 21:14:37 ET

Ok folks....I'm trying to eat...thank you :-D

2003-11-17 21:27:51 ET

when i was eight, i used to watch the hilarious house of frightenstein :D

2003-11-17 21:28:40 ET

Don't feel bad, Lisa Simpson also puked on the dentist, even Moe knew.

2003-11-18 01:54:56 ET

Well, you weren't wrong for doing it...

his methods just made you sick!

2003-11-18 09:21:54 ET

right o

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