2003-11-18 18:19:36 ET

why...why.....why is there such a thing as online flirting?
and why why why does it make me feel the same as in person flirting....

2003-11-18 18:20:14 ET

Because in person flirting is way cooler

2003-11-18 18:22:16 ET

i suck at flirting, the end.

2003-11-18 18:23:34 ET

Cry me a river
and drown in it.

haha i'm kidding, I just havent said that all day

2003-11-18 18:23:38 ET


2003-11-18 18:23:58 ET

typical emo response:
i'm all out of tears

2003-11-18 18:25:27 ET

So.......baby.......how YOU doing?


2003-11-18 18:26:57 ET

rock solid, mah brotha

2003-11-18 18:27:21 ET

hey, hey, if anyone on sk is gonna e-flirt with camille, it's gonna be ME!

cuz i humped her in real life and she got disgusted with me.

2003-11-18 18:27:57 ET

her name is Camille?


2003-11-18 18:27:57 ET

Alright.......I'm going....over here.....at this seat.....front row....for the fight.


2003-11-18 18:30:19 ET

why thank ya talulah!

I was surprised, not disgusted

how much am I going for these days anyway?

2003-11-18 18:30:53 ET

Haha surprised that you didn't get an diseases


2003-11-18 18:31:50 ET

oh...oh...oh.....*brings hand to mouth*

2003-11-18 18:32:23 ET

So.....how much are you going for?

2003-11-18 18:32:54 ET

hey, it was a fully clothed hump, you perverts!

2003-11-18 18:33:10 ET

start your bids people...
I set no limits

2003-11-18 18:33:21 ET

HEY! Watch it buddy. I'M HER PIMP. You have to go through ME.

2003-11-18 18:33:49 ET

awww, dammit.

2003-11-18 18:34:36 ET


2003-11-18 18:35:04 ET


2003-11-18 18:36:31 ET


2003-11-18 18:36:48 ET

Deal! What do I get?

2003-11-18 18:37:28 ET

her va-jay-jay for an hour.

2003-11-18 18:38:29 ET

I agreed to no such terms

2003-11-18 18:38:58 ET

How bout pool instead?

2003-11-18 18:39:20 ET

Sorry babe, that's how it goes in the city. You gotta pay for yo' babies somehow. Ya know?

2003-11-18 18:40:51 ET

So is pool extra?

2003-11-18 18:41:23 ET

oh I know..
but mah babies eat just fine with out you pimps monkiin' mah back?
kna wha ah mean?

2003-11-18 18:41:28 ET

3 bucks

2003-11-18 18:42:04 ET

Ok.....so pool and head for $78?

2003-11-18 18:43:22 ET


2003-11-18 18:43:22 ET

mmhmm. I don't accept personal checks, but I do accept cash and all major credit cards.

2003-11-18 18:44:06 ET

Ok.....Can I pay half and half? I have $32.50 in cash

2003-11-18 18:44:58 ET


2003-11-18 18:47:03 ET


2003-11-18 18:48:00 ET

i have a credit card...but i don't pay. so i guess i lose.

good thing camille loves me.

2003-11-18 18:48:48 ET

You can have her in an hour

2003-11-18 18:49:20 ET

Camille can't AFFORD to love you.


I don't know what that means, but it sounded dramatic

2003-11-18 18:49:38 ET


2003-11-18 18:50:05 ET


2003-11-18 18:52:12 ET

Does she deliver too? Like....to my door?

2003-11-18 18:53:07 ET

oh man I love you guys
but mostly talulah

2003-11-18 18:55:54 ET

I wanna name my daughter Camille.

2003-11-18 18:56:04 ET

i wuv oo more

2003-11-18 18:59:53 ET

rock....can I be the godmother...erm pseudo-not-going-ever-happen-godmother?

2003-11-18 19:05:22 ET


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