2003-11-19 12:40:59 ET

I'm a dork...
I am playing avatar high on
what is wrong with me?

2003-11-19 12:41:58 ET

Nothing's wrong with you.

It's fun.....

2003-11-19 12:52:55 ET got me playing it now

2003-11-19 12:53:15 ET

no it isn't...hahaha...
or is it...
is something entertaining the same as fun?

2003-11-19 12:56:17 ET

hahaha I've done that before.

2003-11-19 12:56:44 ET's lame

2003-11-19 12:57:41 ET

I'd say it's more entertaining than fun, but hey, it's something to do to pass the time.

2003-11-19 12:59:21 ET


2003-11-19 13:04:32 ET

Damn I suck at it....Henry Rollins and Agent M are going out...weird

2003-11-19 13:08:43 ET

haha...that rocks

2003-11-19 13:09:22 ET

Jimmy Urine is crushing on Havok though....hmmm.....

....yeah..going to leave this on auto pilot

2003-11-19 13:14:49 ET

hahahahaha. that's all I have to say.

2003-11-19 17:00:49 ET

One of my friends is addicted to the it that addictive?

2003-11-19 18:23:14 ET

i know what's wrong with you. you're going through me withdrawals.

2003-11-19 20:47:38 ET

it's canadian...of coarse!

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