pick it up..pick it up..pick it up..
2003-11-19 20:51:00 ET

So I am standing at my locker to day when I hear this guys say (to a girl)
'You know what I would like in a girl?"
I didn't stop laughing for a half hour

2003-11-19 20:59:30 ET

Thats one of my favorite lines.

Same as:

Do you rent or own?
-Rent or own what?
Those wings you angel!

2003-11-19 21:05:39 ET

my personal favorite is....
nice shoes....wanna fuck?!
and I swear if anyone I hadn't told that says that to me...I am dropping my pants on the spot!

2003-11-19 21:07:56 ET

Ok...I'm going to be deleting my pictures now and hunting you down

2003-11-19 21:10:19 ET

don't I owe you an hour or something anyway?
and...where is my/talulahs money?!

2003-11-19 21:11:30 ET

Well...I want to make sure I get my hour....so I'll give it to you when I see you

2003-11-20 01:51:13 ET

Oh baby!

2003-11-20 03:15:49 ET

I got one:
While fucking, a woman asks her husband:
-"What are you thinking about?"
-"Forget it you don't know her..."

Sorry... ;-p

2003-11-20 12:07:47 ET

How about this (on the topic of jokes)

I was going down on my girlfriend the other day and I said
"Geez you got a big pussy, geeze you got a big pussy"

She asked "Why'd you say that twice?"

and I said "I didn't."

2003-11-20 14:03:26 ET

what?....that is so lost one me...

2003-11-20 14:10:50 ET

AH ah ha

It's so big there is an echo :-)

2003-11-20 16:47:22 ET

thats terrible
but wonderful

2003-11-22 12:03:05 ET

i wish i was a guy. then id be able to say that

2003-11-22 12:07:10 ET

thats how I feel
I kept trying to think of ways I could use that.....
grrrr at not being a boy

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