2003-11-22 11:45:23 ET

I was c-walking in the shower and fell. I also cut mu hand in the process. It proves ghetto is dangerous.
I now have my computer back!!!!
(the mouse that was in my hallway chewed through the internet wire...soooo) wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
also if someone is selling a car in california that is a manuel under a grand contact me!

2003-11-22 11:51:06 ET

*kisses boo-boos*

2003-11-22 11:53:53 ET

okay ben.....

2003-11-22 11:59:37 ET

i meant the body damage, sicko.

2003-11-22 12:03:23 ET

nice edit. i'm looking for the same thing.

2003-11-22 12:08:36 ET

i knew what you meant...silly creton!
i know...I desperatly need one!

2003-11-22 12:22:27 ET

The fact that you can C-walk is impressive though.

I have yet to pull it off properly.

-The Joker

2003-11-22 12:22:44 ET

*laughs alot*

2003-11-22 12:34:56 ET

why thank you!
also..i spelled manual wrong..I suck

2003-11-22 13:41:05 ET

I am selling mine for $1000

93 ford escort

2003-11-22 13:41:17 ET

c-walking rules

2003-11-22 14:02:38 ET

I have yet to conquer the C-WALK in the shower. But I think my shower is toooo small for me to do anything. My butt knocks shampoo and soap over when I turn around to rinse etc.

2003-11-22 19:00:53 ET


2003-11-23 07:38:40 ET

thats riiight...
your ass is huge!
hmmm...does it run?
yea...it hurt...and still does...
maybe I will post pictures b/c I am just that bored

2003-11-23 16:04:16 ET

hehehe- don't you mean line-dancing?

2003-11-23 16:26:35 ET

yea...right line dancing
I think I actually got it later

2003-11-23 16:42:29 ET


now learn the conga.

2003-11-23 16:45:59 ET

haha...we should take salsa classes when I come back!

2003-11-23 16:53:15 ET

YES. We'd totally rule.

2003-11-23 17:00:49 ET

but don't we already?

2003-11-26 17:15:29 ET

Excellent point.

2003-11-26 20:06:34 ET

indeed. you're both almighty rulers.

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