2003-11-25 17:45:36 ET

see my pink and green of the un-dead

2003-11-25 17:57:32 ET

i like!

2003-11-25 21:29:28 ET

I love you...

...and you're SG shirt

2003-11-26 01:28:47 ET

i love it, you're so gorgeous

2003-11-26 10:45:32 ET


2003-11-26 17:17:40 ET

I love it. <3

2003-11-26 17:35:01 ET

saw the pics so i had to say they are cute.

2003-11-26 19:49:36 ET

thank ya tabby!
and you know what, we should hang out. I have decided that I am an ass, but so are you and we should get over it 'cause I like ya.
well you'll see it soon enough rikki my dear!

2003-11-26 22:21:08 ET

yeah i was thinking the same. and i want you to know i am sorry. i was just being very jealous of you. because when i saw you the other day i thought, how can i dislike her? she's to nice.

and you area fun person to hang out with and we should. remember when we saw chicago?

2003-11-28 16:26:04 ET

:-( I doubt it.... I can't come up this weekend.

2003-11-29 07:18:27 ET

that's what i thought when you showed up...yea i do.....that was fun.

2003-11-29 22:25:45 ET

ok took me a couple minutes to kinda analyze if you were talking to me or not.

2003-11-30 08:46:38 ET

so then lets hang out next weekend!

2003-12-01 14:47:04 ET


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