2003-11-29 07:28:15 ET

I found the solution to all of my problems...

2003-11-29 07:33:16 ET

i hate you. cuz you get it.

2003-11-29 07:37:30 ET

no I don't...and thats why it's the solution
and I am not kidding it really is the solution...and I really really don't get it....

2003-11-29 07:41:22 ET

oh, ok. i thought you found out cuz you got it.

well, i guess it's safe for me to state that i don't know why you're not getting any. much too hot for me.

2003-11-29 07:41:55 ET

oh...well you know...I pick the wrong boys and never ever see the girl I should be doing

2003-11-29 07:43:34 ET

the gay boys see me and the straight girls don't. it's fun times.

2003-11-29 07:45:17 ET

oh dear((muffles laughter))
so many un-gay boys get that

2003-11-29 07:47:17 ET

i'm a sexy bitch, dammit!

2003-11-29 08:16:26 ET

The greatest truth I have ever heard was, "the best way to get over a man is to get under another."

Just make sure to wrap the rocket or else Captain Herpe might set sail into your lady regions.

2003-11-29 10:28:33 ET

INH: I think we should start a business:

"Need Sex, We've got your solution"

It'll just be us behind the counter of course

2003-11-29 10:29:22 ET

I <3 camcam

2003-11-29 12:52:12 ET

i've thought about the manwhoring, but then i think to myself, "that won't work. i can't even get rid of the free samples."

2003-11-29 13:01:17 ET

i suffer from the same problem, gay boys like me, girls just think of me as a friend for the most part. mabye god is saying something to me :S

anywho, if you need i'll have sex wif u :P

2003-11-29 13:48:04 ET


u liek anime soo goood


which is your fav anime?

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