2003-12-01 12:19:05 ET

I need to put on some pants.
what are your thoughts on this?

2003-12-01 12:20:30 ET


2003-12-01 12:20:57 ET

is it cold?

2003-12-01 12:22:14 ET

What are these pants?

2003-12-01 12:24:11 ET

chamber- no not really....I was just thinking I should put some on..but no ones home
cyberrpunk- leg covering type things with zippers draw string or velcro...yay velcro pants

2003-12-01 12:24:47 ET

Oh, those. Who needs em?

2003-12-01 12:26:34 ET

unless there's company coming over, or you're going out in a very public place, i say forego these leg coverings you speak of

2003-12-01 12:30:14 ET

I don't even own pants....I think

2003-12-01 12:37:31 ET

It seems dogs have pants too...especially when it's hot out.

I say no to the pants. Although, I think pants is a funny word.

You should wear pantaloons instead ;-)

2003-12-01 12:41:42 ET

pants is a funny word...so is cheese face and bucket...add a mister to that and.....
you get

2003-12-01 12:54:09 ET

Free yourself from the tyranny of pants!


the pantless (obvious rip off of the matrix)

2003-12-01 12:58:26 ET

i say this as i type in my boxers... pantless people have more fun. join the clothing optional revolution!

2003-12-01 12:59:38 ET

rock my non-existant pants!

2003-12-01 15:06:11 ET

no you dont!! walk around in some panties and dance around like cameron diaz did in the first 'charlie's angels'.

2003-12-01 16:55:48 ET

pants are overrated. until it gets cold. i have to wash pants tonight...

2003-12-01 17:20:09 ET


2003-12-01 21:50:27 ET

i agree with phaery. definitely.

2003-12-01 22:08:54 ET

i say more girls should wear boxers. it's sexy.

2003-12-01 22:23:33 ET

She can wear my boxers.....I'm not wearing em

2003-12-01 22:29:46 ET

prooly cos they are dirty :D

2003-12-01 22:30:08 ET

Cause I wear the kilt like a Scotsman

2003-12-01 22:30:38 ET

and cos all ur boxers are soiled :P

2003-12-01 22:31:36 ET

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to laundry

2003-12-01 22:33:50 ET

>_< yuk.<BR>

how u expect to get women if you don't have clean draws?

2003-12-01 22:39:02 ET

Cause I don't wear underwear! Where were you 5 minutes ago??!!!

2003-12-01 22:42:19 ET


prolly have soiled kilts too :D

be glad you don't live in a winter climate

2003-12-01 22:43:23 ET

They aren't soiled......

....and Kilts are suprisingly warm y'know......13oz wool......16oz if you're planning on Europe

2003-12-01 22:45:58 ET

but that's europe, not canada :D

come to my city in -40c weather with that kilt :D

2003-12-01 22:47:06 ET

Dude......Scotland.......where Kilts were invented.....It's wool....like wearing a sweater....all ya gotta do is make sure you wear boots and the hose if it's snowing

2003-12-01 22:48:12 ET

clearly you've never experienced a canadian winter. especially a dry prairie winter

2003-12-01 22:49:07 ET

You've never experienced a Chicago Blizzard in a Kilt.....they work

2003-12-01 22:50:26 ET


chicago is warm :D

tshirt weather to me :D

but i think my legs would be cold
since the kilt doesn't go all the way down
i mean your goods are ok, but your legs...

2003-12-01 22:51:52 ET

Chicago is not warm during the winter....cause of the wind chill factor.

And the kilt goes to your knees....then the hose goes up to above the knees....

2003-12-01 22:54:27 ET

lol, well i still prefer pants.

and your kilt is still prolly soiled from pooping yourself :P

2003-12-01 22:56:30 ET

i own pants...obviously...hence im emopants

2003-12-01 22:57:09 ET

emo is fer gays :P

2003-12-01 23:00:31 ET

nah....im not gay...atleast your ma didn't think so earlier

2003-12-01 23:02:18 ET


she said u didn't get it up till she stuck her fingers in your ass.

but seriously....emo is lame.

2003-12-01 23:03:58 ET

To each their own.

If some like the ass....let them...if some like your mom...let them.

To Each their own

2003-12-01 23:06:18 ET

ha...with her looks it took your sister and her hot lil friend to get me up...still had to think of other chics though because damn your whole family looks like they been hit

ahh no emo is not lame...because i...am emopants 2 go...and i...am not lame

2003-12-01 23:10:33 ET

i only have 2 little half sisters who are like 1 and 2 yrs old u perv.


not saying you're lame, just emo is lame

2003-12-01 23:11:17 ET

well...goddamnit...i AM EMO!!!

2003-12-01 23:11:58 ET

I knew iT!!!

Anyways....cut the drama ya two....no fights. It's the TOS

2003-12-01 23:12:40 ET

yes....you had me figured out from the beginning!!!

2003-12-01 23:13:17 ET

it's all about noise y0

no fucking crying wannapunks in noise :D

2003-12-01 23:13:40 ET

emo is like the cheesegoth of punk.

like typo o negative :D

2003-12-02 11:59:21 ET

what's wrong with type o negative eh?
(or have I missed something again)

2003-12-02 12:05:49 ET

Its a bash situation...ignore it

2003-12-02 12:09:40 ET

yea...well...stop your fighting in my replies!

2003-12-02 20:17:24 ET

lol, sorry :P

2003-12-02 20:20:34 ET

i am also sorry....never again will it happen lol

2003-12-02 20:23:38 ET

oh suuuuuure
I think you two better grovel or send me silk nog!

2003-12-02 20:24:31 ET

i am sooooo sorry!!!!!

*bows at your feet begging for forgiveness*PLEASE FORGIVE...PLEASE!!!

2003-12-02 20:27:03 ET

well, i don't beg but i am sorry milady *kisses hand*

2003-12-02 20:30:15 ET

wow you guys need hobbies

2003-12-02 20:30:47 ET

i have hobbies.....thank you

2003-12-02 20:31:22 ET

mine's called camille.

2003-12-02 20:31:39 ET

Damn Ben...you stole my line

2003-12-02 20:31:41 ET

lol, i make music and play videogames.

but besides typing ghey shit on the internet is included in my hobbies :D

2003-12-02 20:32:11 ET

take that, oh great kilted one!

2003-12-02 20:37:27 ET

ben thats not a hobby...
they are called o-b-s-e-s-s-i-o-n-s

2003-12-02 20:38:14 ET


oh yea, and i collect noise vinyl :D

2003-12-02 20:40:34 ET

weird! my semi-band is a noise band and we might make our first album vinyl. crazy.

2003-12-02 20:44:34 ET

vinyl owns u :D

if it's good i'll buy it

2003-12-02 20:52:30 ET

uh oh...good...what's the definition of good?

let me put it this way...it's improvised, we never practice, and we don't even have a steady band member list.

2003-12-02 20:52:38 ET

also, never even played together yet.

2003-12-02 20:55:26 ET

what do you guys do for production?

2003-12-02 20:57:33 ET

we record our live shows. our keyboardist has a nice little bit of recording equipment, so he can take each part directly in and mix it so it doesn't have all that shitty club sound to it.

also, the members um...aren't industrial in nature. the drummer's a metalhead, the guitarist is in a rock group, the bassist loves hip hop, and the keyboardist is in a hardcore band. it's very strange.

2003-12-02 21:00:31 ET

lol, well not really noise with all those "real" instruments then is it :D

more like harsh industrial :D

2003-12-02 21:02:47 ET

no, we'll find a way.

2003-12-03 15:39:51 ET

so much argueing!!

mmm silk nog.

2003-12-03 18:20:13 ET

lol :D

well best of luck to u bro :D

2003-12-03 18:22:18 ET

you tryin to say it can't be done? cuz it can and it will.

2003-12-03 18:22:35 ET

to quote my mom's signature on her emails: "the possibilities in music are endless."

2003-12-03 18:46:49 ET

no i'm not saying it can't be done. i'm saying good luck in friendly way :D

2003-12-03 18:47:56 ET

hey insert..are you guys using those electric drums...v-drums, whatever they're called

2003-12-03 18:49:27 ET

no, my friend luke is actually flying in from north dakota to see his stepsister this christmas and he's gonna come fill in for a few days. he's fuckin crazy on them shits.

2003-12-03 18:51:05 ET

not like a drum machine, actual drums, they have triggers on the pads, and its set up like a real drum set, but you can assign certain sounds to each drum, so you can get like 1000s of sounds out of one set and the little program box thing

2003-12-03 18:51:57 ET

what do pants and drums have in commen? (not being rude just trying to figure out how that got started)

2003-12-03 18:52:20 ET

i don't think we have time for that right now. but yeah, i get what you're talking about now. i'm a little slow. i think we're just gonna have a basic kit right now. considering the guitarist is the one supplying said kit...

but our keyboardist said he can make some cracked out drums sounds with his keyboard, as well as other cracked out sounds.

2003-12-03 18:53:09 ET

camille said we needed hobbies and dj said he collected noise vinyls. voila.

2003-12-03 18:53:35 ET

ahhh i understand now.

2003-12-03 18:53:47 ET


you know tabby, I'm not really sure how the oppression of pants led to drum talk

*edit. yes thats right*

2003-12-03 18:54:18 ET

that was all you.

2003-12-03 18:54:28 ET


2003-12-03 20:40:56 ET

well I am glad you kids have interests other than my pants

2003-12-03 20:42:19 ET

I like your pants too much to have other real interests

2003-12-03 20:44:08 ET

well you get to see my pants in person on saturday
aren't you just stoked?

2003-12-03 20:45:04 ET

Pants or Panties?

2003-12-03 20:46:05 ET

lol, if you keep that up just her pants :D

2003-12-03 20:48:24 ET

wouldn't you like to know...
and they are not panties i have decided...the are psuedo-pants(due to lack of leggin' part)

2003-12-03 20:54:22 ET



2003-12-03 20:57:02 ET

that was surprisingly non-discript

2003-12-03 20:57:58 ET

That's to describe the straight face into a smile as I read more of your reply

2003-12-03 21:00:57 ET

why is there no smiley for raising eyebrows
*raises eyebrows*

2003-12-03 21:03:45 ET


2003-12-03 21:03:55 ET


2003-12-03 21:06:12 ET

it needs to be better....my life will be devoted to it

2003-12-03 21:06:47 ET


2003-12-03 21:09:44 ET

almost...but no potato

2003-12-03 21:10:07 ET


2003-12-03 21:10:15 ET

wait..that's mean-looking.

2003-12-03 21:10:40 ET


2003-12-03 21:11:58 ET

^ -

o o



2003-12-03 21:15:44 ET

and hence the things I say about hobbies...
I like that last one...but it's so big..
I dunno if I can take it

2003-12-03 21:15:50 ET

i didn't want to resort to that.

2003-12-03 21:16:23 ET


2003-12-03 22:27:40 ET


goggles, raised eyebrow, and straight face 8:D

2003-12-04 04:30:06 ET

o_O' hows that one

2003-12-04 08:07:04 ET

no, that's a sweatdrop

2003-12-04 19:01:08 ET


2003-12-04 19:04:00 ET

tis all about the goggles


2003-12-04 19:04:31 ET


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