did you go to the party?
2003-12-05 12:42:07 ET

going to monterey

gonna get myself some ass...

okay so I am lying

gonna see rikki

and kilted guy who has never been to monterey
and apparently never will....


gonna take sat 2 for math rawr

do homework

maybe work on sunday


and tabby!

2003-12-05 13:40:14 ET

good luck with the sats, woman!

2003-12-05 13:49:42 ET

Yeah, good luck from me as well. I was planning on taking SATs in January but I don't think I'll need them right now. That logic seems flawed but oh well.

2003-12-05 13:50:49 ET

good luck from me more.

2003-12-05 13:50:59 ET

>D double posts rawk

2003-12-05 14:00:52 ET

oh madison..how silly you are..
thanks about the good luck...I am gonna need it.....

2003-12-05 15:06:55 ET

oh your not seeing me?

2003-12-05 19:12:49 ET

ooooo i get it! haha. i'm just silly.

i knew it would be obvious. lol.

2003-12-05 19:14:28 ET


2003-12-05 19:15:43 ET

; P

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