2003-12-08 17:26:08 ET

I gots me a car!
update: got me a license to go with that car!
and I will have fries with my shake!!!!

2003-12-08 17:28:46 ET

gimme gimme.

2003-12-08 17:33:42 ET


2003-12-08 18:59:23 ET

no ben no

2003-12-08 20:07:51 ET

what kind of car?

2003-12-08 20:12:01 ET

mercedes(hahahahahahahahaha) 190E '84 i got it foh' 875$ and it's an automatic with minor tranny problems and left front brakes need a little work...really fucking good deal

2003-12-08 20:14:00 ET

yeah that is a good deal.

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