2003-12-08 19:36:14 ET

bettieworshiper: :dances to "hey ya":
SlowChldrnAtPlay: lol
SlowChldrnAtPlay: my cousin said that song was gay
SlowChldrnAtPlay: so i gave him a huge lecture about him being gay and that the song is the best ever
bettieworshiper: fuck your cousin
SlowChldrnAtPlay: then he called me gay
SlowChldrnAtPlay: so i punched him
bettieworshiper: rock
bettieworshiper: :still dancing in underwear:

2003-12-08 19:56:41 ET

omgomg.ur gay

2003-12-08 20:05:19 ET

roses is better. by far.

2003-12-08 20:07:33 ET

*watches you dancing in your undies*

2003-12-08 20:08:39 ET

the picture won't load for me :(

2003-12-08 20:09:14 ET

"many colors in the homo rainbow"

2003-12-08 20:09:23 ET

It's a rainbow kind of thing.

2003-12-08 20:17:30 ET


2003-12-08 20:19:20 ET


i cannot, NOT dance to that song

2003-12-08 20:19:27 ET

much artistic talent was needed for that rainbow.
gay as an insult is such a stupid way to try to make someone feel bad.

2003-12-08 20:22:26 ET

shake, shake, shake it!

2003-12-08 20:26:07 ET

what's cooler than bein' cool
(ice cold)
I said what's cooler than bein' cool
(ice cold!)

2003-12-08 20:29:02 ET

know you like to thank yo' shit don't stank, but
lean a little bit closer, see
roses really smell like poo-poo-oo-oo
roses really smell like poo-poo-oo-oo

2003-12-08 20:31:32 ET


2003-12-08 20:34:21 ET

best song on the disc.

2003-12-09 17:13:15 ET

good to know

2003-12-13 10:25:15 ET

I never wanna hear the term "Fuck your cousin" from you again, Camille. I have about 50 of them, and THAT'S GRODY on top of being illegal. :-P

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