2003-12-21 17:44:14 ET

the last 36 hours or so have been a typical "camille's adventures in Monterey"
saw rikki(not enough) and etc.(no need to list them, they are not known, 'cept I say hi to tyson!)
didn't see boy uno
saw boy dos and was thoughrally confused once again by his move on me which again was made during a movie. When I say movie I mean startrek voyager....so far this has occured during pi, a robin williams comedy hbo thingy, stephan hawking audio tapes, and now startrek
he doesn't know what he wants and neither do I
more will be edited in later, now I must go and be festive with family

final cut-
not to be included
but to be with held

2003-12-21 17:46:15 ET

He wants me, you want me.......case closed


2003-12-21 17:52:12 ET


2003-12-21 17:54:51 ET

See, even phaery agrees....cause she wants me to :-p

2003-12-21 17:56:19 ET

yeah that too.

2003-12-21 19:06:32 ET


2003-12-21 19:20:54 ET

I just realized boy #2 makes moves during the most awkward of times

2003-12-21 19:25:07 ET

you just realized that? My god that is profound.

2003-12-21 19:25:49 ET

I just took the time to read that part again....

...I'm cute, I'm allowed to be dumb :-D

2003-12-21 19:26:55 ET

okay, all is forgiven

2003-12-21 19:31:34 ET

Do you like Boy #2?

2003-12-21 19:37:43 ET

how I wish I didn't...
he is complicated...
and so simple at the same time...

2003-12-21 19:39:53 ET

Ahhh....you should so or him.

Unless you think it's a bad idea to get involved with him.

2003-12-21 19:42:26 ET

the third option is the right one....I contained myself and didn't do the first one...and teh second one is how I got here...
if I didn't like him so much I would jump him...stupid me and screwed up morals

2003-12-21 19:45:59 ET

Ok...yeah you lost me...we'll have to talk about this on Tuesday when we're done touring the bedroom.....

2003-12-21 19:51:23 ET

I knew I would...lose ya...oh right...you mean my hallway

2003-12-21 19:57:50 ET

Hallway, wherever you feel comfortable.

You haven't completely lost me....just need to clarify....but I'll play Freud Tuesday

2003-12-21 20:02:18 ET

freud! rock!
about clarifying, I am overly vague and like to be confusing, or so my subconcious tells me. so good luck with that.
no I kid, I will be less vague and we will talk..or not talk, I talk about that too much...change of topic...

2003-12-21 20:12:38 ET

Bunnies are cute
Bunnies are cuddly
Bunnies are the spawn of SATAN!

2003-12-21 21:02:39 ET

when you say you must go be festive with family do you mean mUst or just must? just curious... cause if its a must then i won't be the only one this season! :P <3 <3 <3 good luck with boi # dos !

2003-12-22 08:04:17 ET

if you didn't see me enough, you should have stayed longer! :-P

2003-12-22 09:38:04 ET

i must is a good thing...we wer celebrating the solstice...

this is true rix, I will be down more after Jan 14th and we will spend a lot of time together...;)

2003-12-22 10:01:33 ET

I approve. :-*

2003-12-22 10:03:40 ET

woot...also...should I take a hint?

2003-12-22 10:16:18 ET

Which one!? I am a jungle of hints as of late. So, in compensation, everyone else must be more specific.

2003-12-22 10:21:21 ET

nvm I will talk to you about it later

2003-12-22 10:21:59 ET

Rix, she wants you...in the worst of best ways

2003-12-22 10:22:09 ET


Kilted: No, that's you. :-P

2003-12-22 10:22:45 ET

I won't deny it! :-D

2003-12-22 10:23:26 ET

I thinks she is right...you want her

2003-12-22 10:24:22 ET

How bout both of you?

2003-12-22 10:25:15 ET

thats been tried twice hon

2003-12-22 10:25:40 ET

So is this try number #3? :-D

2003-12-22 10:27:15 ET

Wow. Apparently, Camille, we are a box set.

2003-12-22 10:27:20 ET

haha....if you are trying to get us both into bed...then yes

2003-12-22 10:28:29 ET

We are a hot commodity. HA

2003-12-22 10:29:15 ET

hee hee

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