2003-12-23 18:07:41 ET

today I met the lovely Kilted

and this is a disclaimer about my underwear to TK and Loki-

also my friend laura is going to try and start an acount, so be gentle..shes emo esque

Taluhlah is gone!

2003-12-23 18:09:50 ET

Just by stating that, you've opened her up to a whole new world of harrassment and humiliation.

2003-12-23 18:11:53 ET

HA! I wasnt gonna inspect them, I was just gonna see if Nate could actually get them....but now.....

2003-12-23 18:15:25 ET

please don't, I said I didn't want to give them to him, I will send you better panties, if you just burn those..It was the only pair (besides the pair I am wearing) that I had...

2003-12-23 18:19:14 ET

I think a face to face trade is in order for that.

2003-12-23 18:21:44 ET

I will drive to berkeley...actually I was going to ask you if I could come on new years eve day anyway, 'cause I will be in the area kinda...

2003-12-23 18:23:48 ET

sure thing, once i figure out what the hell I'm doing that night.

2003-12-23 18:27:16 ET

well just for the day...i have to drive through that ares to get where I am going...sooo

2003-12-23 18:28:28 ET

sounds good to me.

2003-12-23 18:30:17 ET

okay then...
this is all too ridiculous.....

2003-12-23 18:31:32 ET

Someday, you'll look back on this and laugh...and never give your underwear to strange men ever again :P

2003-12-23 18:32:19 ET

Make it an even trade. Give her some of your underwear.

2003-12-23 18:32:59 ET

I do laugh have no idea...just the whole thought of them being sold on e-bay...hahahaha...did you talk to moxie about an sk e-bay group yet?

2003-12-23 18:48:26 ET

that talulah girl was mean.
i was going to call her a bitch, but that would make me mean.

2003-12-23 18:49:15 ET

Someone wanna tell the East Coaster what the hell you wacky Californians have been up to?

2003-12-23 18:50:11 ET

earthquakes and undies.
actually, i have no idea. im on the east coast.

2003-12-23 18:51:18 ET

what do you want to know bugsy dear?

2003-12-23 18:56:45 ET

About giving strange men undies. In case I need to jump on that bandwagon. Or in case it becomes an SK trend I was unaware of. I need to stay on top of the times.

2003-12-23 18:58:36 ET

yes bugsy. it's a new trend, sending loki your underwear. You already have my address.

2003-12-23 18:59:03 ET

Yes. Feel free to send out your underwear.

2003-12-23 19:00:31 ET

Right on. I already mailed out a pair this holiday, though, so you may have to wait til Valentine's Day.

2003-12-23 19:02:00 ET

I'm holding you to that.

2003-12-23 19:03:55 ET

Wait, I don't follow trends, though. Is this some kind of anti-trend? Because those are cool.

2003-12-23 19:04:03 ET are you going to start a collection of sk panties?

2003-12-23 19:05:23 ET

I think i just might have to. and bugsy, whichever answer leads you to send me your panties is the one i choose.

2003-12-23 19:07:27 ET

You are SO slick. Ends justifying the means. Well done.

2003-12-23 19:08:19 ET

No fair, I want girl undies!

2003-12-23 19:08:38 ET

does this mean I get them on valentines day? Its ok I won't tell rudeboy.

2003-12-23 19:09:00 ET

oh shit! ahahahahahaha. impeccable timing rudeboy

2003-12-23 19:10:54 ET


2003-12-23 19:11:54 ET

LMAO! I will send everyone undies, ok? Why should I have to choose?

2003-12-23 19:12:17 ET

LOL Caught with your panties down!

2003-12-23 19:15:03 ET

You wish.

2003-12-23 19:15:53 ET

I do!

2003-12-23 19:17:22 ET

Why are we talking about me mailing my underwear to strange men I meet on the internet? We should be talking about why Bettie gave away old undies to strange men she met in person.

2003-12-23 19:19:04 ET

no we shouldn't...I don't know why...

2003-12-23 19:19:53 ET


2003-12-23 19:21:48 ET

Hindsight is 20/20!


2003-12-23 19:32:29 ET

yea yea yea.....

2003-12-24 11:33:48 ET

Ok, I'm coming into this convo late. If you want Loki to have your have to submit them to me first :-D. Also, if Camille is hanging New Year's in Berkeley, I'm showing up.

And I'm not that I?

2003-12-24 11:39:44 ET just quite...I am not going to be there for New Years Eve(although, now I am tempted) just for a couple hours during the day before I drive to Monterey, I am coming from up north so it's on the way

2003-12-24 11:59:38 ET

Hmmm....well, I'm definitely going to be there, cause it beats the alternative of me sitting around a house with my emo friends.

Oh yeah, don't forget to buy new undies.

2003-12-24 12:26:01 ET

oh I won't, I am not going to buy new ones, just going to give you guys less embarrassing ones

2003-12-24 12:28:53 ET

Got any silky black ones?

2003-12-24 12:31:22 ET

haha..infact I was going to replace the old ones with a black pair...they're kinda silky...

2003-12-24 12:32:32 ET

excellent. Seeing as kilted heisted the panties, he should get a pair as well.

2003-12-24 12:34:24 ET

Yes, I think she should allow me to take the pair off her with my teeth too ;-)

2003-12-24 12:36:38 ET

augh! no...I get your boxers you get my panties...
If I give nate some too then I get his also!
it's only fair...
you know what, I am going to start a collection of the sk males underwear in rebuttal

2003-12-24 12:37:07 ET

I was going to suggest that, but wait for bettie to hit her birthday first.

2003-12-24 12:38:33 ET

that is a good...7 months away

2003-12-24 12:38:47 ET

Bettie...if I wore underwear, I'd give them to you. But I'll get a pair and let you take them off with your teeth..only fair.

2003-12-24 13:10:56 ET

great. now I'm "emo esque" and I feel scared. the emo hunters are now gonna be after me.....

:emo tear:

hahahahahaha just cuz I can!


2003-12-24 13:47:01 ET

hurry up and post so we can rape your first journal entry.

2003-12-24 13:50:57 ET

told ya Laura

2003-12-24 14:44:34 ET

haha...there is no saving you now

and sure I'll do that nate? teeth and all ;)

2003-12-24 14:45:28 ET

better hope she doesnt take of more than the underwear.

2003-12-24 14:47:25 ET

Bettie, biting please...I'm sure you can r0xx0r my world

2003-12-24 14:52:45 ET

::evil laughter::
who says I bite?

2003-12-24 14:54:57 ET

Well you can bite me gently :0p

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