she's new
2003-12-24 14:55:29 ET

no need to be nice
go check out my friend laura
she's so emo she cries in her sleep
no I kid.
I <3 you laura!

2003-12-24 15:03:04 ET

Do I check her out or do I "check" her out

2003-12-24 15:11:22 ET

oh you can "check" her out all you want

2003-12-24 15:15:34 ET

I'm such a slut...join me?

2003-12-24 16:07:47 ET

So where y'all talking about me after I left?

Come on, admit it, what'd you say?

2003-12-24 16:36:15 ET

haha....oh you know...we talked about how hot your ass looked in that kilt..

2003-12-24 16:36:52 ET

*blush* You can touch me.

2003-12-24 19:04:34 ET

I only cry in my sleep SOMETIMES

and kilt....oh.....we talked about you.....oh how we talked smack about you....

not really....

I should stop now.

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