so close to freedom
2004-01-12 17:42:48 ET

yet so far from victory

you know that time that guy you feel in love with three years ago cam back from tennessee where he had previously moved with his girlfriend of three months to visit you and then he started talking about how much he missed it here and how didn't want to see you mess up your life any and you thought that you were over him but then he kisses and tells you how much he misses you and how he and his girlfriend fight alot and that he wants to come back and how much you realize you miss him?

not that I am bitter

2004-01-12 17:49:37 ET

Damn....that's always a mind trip.


If you leave your home town....this stuff never happens.

2004-01-12 17:57:42 ET

yea well

teh suck

2004-01-12 17:58:34 ET

I hope you don't me asking, but what are you going to do?

I mean...if he comes back?

2004-01-12 18:01:04 ET

oh sweetie...

:sigh: love is a bitch.

on to better news...I seriously want to have sex with both those girls on your poster in your room...someday camille...I will have lesbian sex. someday....:emo tear:

2004-01-12 18:04:46 ET

fuck if I know, I think he expects me to wait for him, but I have a hard time waiting for the ones who live in california and don't have a girlfriend let alone ones that do.
this is just fucked up

2004-01-12 18:07:12 ET

I'll move you down here....*cough*

2004-01-12 18:11:08 ET

LA? offense but no
LA=bad shit

2004-01-12 18:13:17 ET're telling me....but Flogging Molly lives here...and with any luck...I'm either going to work with them...or live at the bar they frequent.

And if you ever need some guy to play boyfriend.....give me a call :-D


2004-01-12 18:16:15 ET

I will call you honey face and thats all I can promise

2004-01-12 18:17:30 ET

for now? :-D

I'm just a dork....loveable....but a dork.

2004-01-12 18:23:46 ET

I have to agree with that last part

2004-01-12 19:17:28 ET

want for as me to come for visit this weekend?

2004-01-13 02:14:09 ET

wait for him? he sure didnt wait for you.

2004-01-13 18:28:10 ET

boys *shakes head and rolls eyes*

what happened?

2004-01-13 18:28:38 ET

You don't have to wait for me....*cough*

2004-01-13 22:01:01 ET know him...tony...

no...ben I am okay...

yea...I had noticed that dylan...It makes me angrier and angrier by the second...I think I am acting out in ways that are non good for my situation...

and nate...suuuuuuuuure I don't boy-who-lives-in-la-and-thinks-that-I-might-too-someday-but-is-sorely-mistaken...

2004-01-13 22:04:24 ET

hey, i was thinking of going down to monterey this weekend if you people are available, but if not, i guess i can think of other things to do. i have a three-day weekend, see.

2004-01-13 22:06:21 ET

I'd be willing to move up North...I don't have an anchor

2004-01-13 22:09:50 ET

ben....rix might enjoy that but I am here to stay for this weekend...

nate...then why did you move back...
note that was a statement

2004-01-13 22:12:46 ET

Fine...I'll take a hint.


2004-01-14 16:55:43 ET

*gasp* nuh uh!

i know he moved and all. but nuh uh!

2004-01-14 21:34:17 ET's him

2004-01-15 20:51:17 ET

well hm. i have nothing really nice nor anything really at all to say about tony. so hm good luck with that.

2004-01-15 20:51:47 ET

I say ignore him......but I'm a guy....

2004-01-15 20:52:42 ET


2004-01-15 20:57:30 ET

Hey, keep looking at me!


Focus on me! Over HERE!

2004-01-15 20:59:35 ET

attention whore!

2004-01-15 21:00:10 ET

I resent that....

....I'm not an attention

2004-01-16 20:30:21 ET


2004-01-16 23:08:49 ET

my god nate you are a dork...and I am sorry about this, but I can not ignore him in any shape or form...
oh yea... update: he decided to move back

2004-01-17 08:29:13 ET

oh well.

2004-01-17 10:43:28 ET

So he moved back, you going to get back with him now?

2004-01-18 20:04:37 ET

no, (and nice avatar?) I talked to him, and I thought about it alot, I moved on, and I can't move back from where I was.

2004-01-18 20:09:38 ET

Thats good. As long as you're happy.

2004-01-19 05:21:01 ET

heh. Boys are RETARDS.

2004-01-19 18:40:28 ET

they are

2004-01-19 18:44:21 ET

I don't think we're that bad.

2004-01-19 18:46:57 ET

no you are, but then again
people are retarded...
fuck, there goes that theory

2004-01-19 18:48:42 ET

I tend to destroy people's theories...I'm sorry

2004-01-20 00:36:43 ET

He does. I used to have this theory that scotsmen could hold their liquor...

2004-01-20 00:37:28 ET

You're an ass.

I held my liquor....not once did I throw up.

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