2004-01-20 07:10:01 ET

I have brutally murdered my haircut

pictures will ensue

make not of the fact that I should not be left alone in a house of the following
-piercing materials
-safety pins
-or anything else that can help me cut my hair or give me anything that involves pretty scars or marks

I swear that I am not self abusive, I just like self inflicted art too much.

the end

2004-01-20 07:11:25 ET

what did you do?

self inflicting art is much better when its clean.

2004-01-20 07:25:33 ET

I agree I like to do it to though...
You have a suicide girl shirt!

2004-01-20 09:14:11 ET

For me, you can't brutually murder a haircut...hell, I'm the type of guy that digs Chelseas...so I'm sure it looks fine....and it's better the hair than your flesh again.

2004-01-20 18:02:49 ET

luckily camille has a good face for a chelsea.

2004-01-20 18:08:39 ET

She has a good face period :-p

2004-01-20 18:10:02 ET

well yeah. but what i meant was she has a nicely shaped face thats not to round or narrow. so it works.

2004-01-20 18:10:47 ET

I fully agree....any hairstyle or non at all....pretty face shortcake

2004-01-20 18:11:42 ET

fo' shizzle.

2004-01-21 06:22:15 ET

I think self inflicted art is awesome, you know as lnog as you don't take it TOO far. Nothing wrong with sadomaschism as lnog as it's healthy.

2004-01-21 06:28:26 ET

whats wrong with s&m?

2004-01-21 06:32:51 ET

Shit type o for some odd reason i wrote nothing FROM when it should have been nothing WRONG...corrected though.

I think sadomasochism is fine.

2004-01-21 06:34:41 ET


2004-01-21 06:36:26 ET

I meant to say there's nothing wrong with sadomasochism

2004-01-21 06:37:12 ET

oh ok. as long as it doesn't go to far though i'm pretty sure is what you meant.

2004-01-21 06:38:40 ET

Hahah yeppers :) lol yay for miscommunication.

2004-01-21 06:42:58 ET

yay! haha.

2004-01-21 15:10:10 ET

I like your new hair! Can we dye mine this weekend? see, I still trust you with my hair after your little butchering fun.

2004-01-21 15:10:44 ET

Now you've made us all even more curious since I haven't gotten to seen it yet!

2004-01-21 16:00:15 ET

yeah i wanna see.

2004-01-21 20:06:35 ET

This I must see.

2004-01-21 22:58:47 ET

1. not a chelsea, too chunky...
2. self inflicted art has nothing to do with sadomasochism, just art. It's the scar not the pain.
3. Yes my shirt is awesome
4. Hold on to your panties, I will fucking post pictures

I love you all

2004-01-22 00:21:34 ET

Oh ok, I didn't really mean to say you were neccassarily a sadomaschist, I just meant to say all stuff is cool. (provided you don't likedie or get seriously hurt).

God I'm bad at these posts...


2004-01-22 00:23:21 ET

If you just said you're too chunky for a chelsea...I think you're wrong....but that's me.

2004-01-22 06:24:25 ET

insubordinate- haha thats not what I meant either, I was just clrifying...sorry if I sounded...erm...mean

nate- no my hair is too chunky to be a chelsea, you jackass... also too cool...

2004-01-22 17:21:20 ET

oh you would be so cute with a chelsea =)
or super-white platinum blonde.

2004-01-22 20:30:34 ET

I am going for super white...kinda.....

I have to fix it

2004-01-24 21:39:19 ET

How can I hold on to what I don't got? ZING!

2004-01-24 21:41:27 ET

I've got some of the greatest visuals right now.....you'd love my mind.

2004-01-24 21:49:16 ET

Camille with a platinum chelsea??

2004-01-24 21:50:13 ET

I'm about to pass out from that thought....added you without panties....I'm having a heart attack.

2004-01-24 21:51:01 ET

Oh. Duh. Christ, man. Take a Bayer. :-P

2004-01-24 21:51:27 ET

No drugs...doesn't go well with the whiskey.

2004-01-24 21:52:39 ET


2004-01-25 09:02:12 ET


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