ranty mcpantsface?
2004-02-05 20:31:44 ET

I was working today and this woman comes into the store talking to her daughter-
"well, what do you expect honey. He's a man, they are a little slower than we are."

she then makes her sweet ass little way over to the cats and starts baby talking "meeble-wimble-woopy-poopy-boo-boo-mah-aww-wood-dee-woo. I AM A FUCKING MORON. BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. BLAH."

I am so sick of self righteous fucking women and their counter active behavior. How the fuck is sexism towards men supposed to help them respect us? huh? someone wanna fucking fill me in?

I am frustrated with real life. the bank closes before I get off work and my paycheck is waaaay less than I can afford having lost 20 hours from missing work. I owe everyone and there mother (literally) money. The car accident cleaned me out-
paying someone to take my broke ass car away-150
my sister-70
my mother-40

actual paycheck-397+(being underpayed by last job)22

fuck....so I am searching for a car again
woo hoo

2004-02-05 20:43:39 ET

yes, ranty mcpantsface!

2004-02-05 20:45:42 ET

Yes ma'am

2004-02-05 20:50:06 ET

You crashed your car? That sucks. There's alot of car crashes on Subkultures. I wonder what that's about

Anyway, yeah, I'm sick of real life too.

2004-02-05 20:53:34 ET

I hydroplaned into a fence going 35 in the rain on a mountain road...
fucking roads....dangerous places for drivers

2004-02-05 20:53:51 ET

You should check basic classifieds and craigslist.org

2004-02-05 20:58:11 ET

i guess i'll have to be careful driving tomorrow, so i don't get added to the crashed car list.

2004-02-05 20:59:16 ET

My car got smashed the week my account got activated....so I'm set.

2004-02-05 21:00:36 ET

oh...honey face, we went throght this last time I needed a car
I know where to look

2004-02-05 21:05:42 ET

I'm sorry, I didn't know that shortcake.....and if I did.....I was probably drunk.

2004-02-05 21:09:55 ET

that drinking thing honey face is a wee bit o' problem for you isn't it?
or am I overguestimating?
I do that in this area...
and honey face...we had a deal..and even if you are late, I am holding you to it

2004-02-05 21:16:49 ET

I'm holding to our deal now, I do have a drinking problem and I've been dry for about 8 days so far.

2004-02-05 21:43:59 ET

paying someone to take my broke ass car away-150
my sister-70
my mother-40

Crap. These things always happen at the worst times. I just don't drive anymore.

*How the fuck is sexism towards men supposed to help them respect us?*

People like this have learned to devalue everything. I'm sure if it wasn't men, it would be the poor, or the old.

Do you work in a Pet Shop?

2004-02-06 07:26:52 ET

Oh yeah, if your last job owes you hours that didn't get in your paycheck and you can prove it, records or witnesses...and they don't pay you by 72 hours from your last day....you can get the govt. involved.

2004-02-06 08:59:36 ET

Amen sister. As much of a femme as I am, I am so opposite of the cliche feminist. I LOVE the gender inequality. I love that men are drafted and we're not, that they have to work and its still "okay" if we're house wives. Not that I want to be a house wife, but I hate waking up early, so its something to fall back on.

I love that men have the open the doors, pay for dates, drive the cars...I mean, sure I dont mind splitting it, but this double standard all too often falls in the favor of the ladies but most women are still stuck on the "oh my god so if HE sleeps around he's cool, but if I sleep around I'm a whore!?" issue. Sure, that's just part of society, but look at the picture. We have it made.

Now make me some pie.

2004-02-06 13:52:32 ET

oh come now camille, we say that kinda shit all the time. how guys are slower than us and all that...we don't mean it ...ok in certain cirumstances we do....fuckin' .... ya.

and you do owe me ten bucks but take your time deary, but uh...my cd....:eh hem:?!?!?!

2004-02-07 12:08:10 ET

laura- hey hey hey...I gave that back!!

madi- I am glad to see you back, and I do also enjoy some of these things...but I also hate people

nate-yea...I know...i just have to talk to my old boss..he's cool..juss a stoner times 5

chris- yea...it blows..and yes I do work in a pet shop...

2004-02-07 12:18:27 ET

Heehee.....I'm just like a skipping record :-p

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