"queen rules the castle..."
2004-02-19 17:40:14 ET

I need to get some. bad.
I don't see this anywhere in my near future...
frustration ensues

2004-02-19 17:41:17 ET


.....this sucks......

2004-02-19 17:47:13 ET

i have the same problem, trust me.

2004-02-19 17:48:59 ET

Heh...try 3 years w/o anything...at all *sigh*

2004-02-19 17:50:35 ET

....I beat y'all....ask Camille...but I won't express it here.

2004-02-19 17:51:00 ET

well, since it's only been a year and a half since i FIRST got anything, i guess i can't compete.

2004-02-19 18:05:43 ET

poor camille....I have tons of sex...you can have some of mine.

hahaha thats so wrong in so many ways.

2004-02-19 18:06:32 ET

Now who's fault is that?

2004-02-19 18:14:44 ET

why thank you laura....and yes...rikki I suppose it is my fault since I can't have meanless romps anymore
but I can make it okay
with meanless relationships
((can you see the wheels turning))

2004-02-19 18:33:21 ET

I love that logic. lol

2004-02-19 18:34:50 ET

as do I...as do I

i dunno though...i might stumble upon something meaningful in this mess

2004-02-19 18:35:30 ET

I guess that's kinda what everyone hopes for.

2004-02-19 18:51:22 ET

i thought you were going for no sex before marraige?

2004-02-19 18:51:46 ET

no promiscious sex.....it was my bad.

2004-02-19 18:52:38 ET

isn't that the same (almost)?

2004-02-19 18:55:07 ET

nah......one means you can have a relationship and have sex and have it fail....meaning you don't sleep around with just anyone.

...the other requires the guy to have money.

2004-02-19 18:56:32 ET

HAHAHA *rimshot*

2004-02-19 18:56:32 ET

well i have a friend who is straight edge but ignores the premiciuos sex thing. just aint her bag i guess.

2004-02-19 18:57:15 ET

sXe is considered a strict label....

...otherwise why call yourself sXe? else I'd be an edger except for when I drink

2004-02-19 18:58:31 ET

hm. some people just can't take a chill pill i guess.

2004-02-19 19:03:00 ET

I don't take pills.....:-D

2004-02-20 13:29:17 ET

:P not literally.

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