2004-03-23 06:02:54 ET

even though my last entry says that I will be.
I will not be burned. I am reminding myself to hold on. The fire may be coming, but I am cool and calm.
bring this on...


non related info
yay, I saw jules
I think I am losing an important friend due to our stubborness, or mine, or something.
I have to stop watching Pi with people, alone that movie needs consumption.
the zine is not going well, I have to put some time into it, if anyone still wants to help me out with that, feel free!

2004-03-23 08:42:39 ET

remember the quiz is a quiz, it doesn't really determine. how you will die. hell maybe you'll die of cancer(sorry thats not nice).

and i hope you and your friend will be okay.

2004-03-23 14:06:30 ET

ummmmm..tabs...that was a joke..the being burned was in reference to real life relationships.....but thanks anyway

2004-03-23 21:29:12 ET

eh i todl get the uhhh thing where you use one thing as a thing to mean another (yeah that didn't make sense). especially over the net. :)

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