stuff to do
2004-03-23 18:45:48 ET

this is useless-

clean room
get car smogged
call mechanic
call steph
call --------
call ----
go get transcript again from CSM
turn in old school books
call grandmother
work on zine
finish zine
get grass stains out of pants (heh)
save money

so life goes on now
independent from the rest
thats my middle name

it's long and pointless...enjoy!

2004-03-23 19:14:13 ET

Independent is your middle name?.....interesting

2004-03-23 19:19:10 ET

it's self sufficient in arabic

2004-03-23 19:31:38 ET

2004-03-23 19:35:03 ET


2004-03-23 19:36:03 ET

Don't you forget...because at any time....anyplace.....:badger:

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