oh dear.
2004-03-26 13:24:31 ET

I have a feeling that I am not cut out for the straight edge shit.

2004-03-26 13:28:22 ET

why be straight edge anyway?

sxe is a lesson in futility if you ask me..

live how you would most enjoy your life.. sxe or not..

2004-03-26 13:28:23 ET


2004-03-26 13:29:35 ET

i felt i needed the bounderies...and I do..
we'll see how strong I can be

2004-03-26 14:28:18 ET

It's good to have boundaries, but not neccessarily for the sake of having them. I guess you'll figure out soon enough whether or not the whole sXe thing is working out for you. Good luck.

2004-03-26 14:30:43 ET

You're better off shedding the label. Straight Edge is a form of of vanity, kind of like paranoia.

"Look at me I don't drink or smoke or do drugs! I'm so morally ahead of the game!"

Firefighters and Paramedics don't brag and put up webpages everytime they save someone's life (well not as much as you sXe stamped in e-journals). You do the right thing because it's the right thing ... not because you want recognition. I'm not saying that's what your doing at all (I won't pretend to know your motivations), but you know what I mean. Everyone's got vices in some form or another.

If you're gonna make a choice, do it for yourself, not so you can wear a digital badge or merit. You're life will reflect your achievements.

If you fail and get drunk or something else along the way ... well you're perfect. Welcome to the club. If you feel guilty or bad about something you did ... don't do it again. Simple! You know your limits!

2004-03-26 16:08:22 ET

chris-I didn't claim it for the label, I claimed it for the restrctions that came with the label but I totally know what you mean.
rudeboy- thanks, luck wished is always a good thing

I would like to add that by "shit" I mean stuff, not that it's bull shit.
man... complicated stuff

2004-03-26 17:18:30 ET

Sometimes I guess you have to think whether the restrictions are absolutely needed?

You'll still be the same person whether you're sXe or not y'know.

2004-03-26 18:06:38 ET

well you're perfect = not perfect

hehheh I was drunk when I wrote that.

2004-03-26 18:08:44 ET

Nah Chris, not far from the truth ;-P

...and by join the club, that makes you....perfect too! Can I be your stalker?

2004-03-26 20:02:59 ET

CAn't it be "I'm proud that I'm abstaining from these things"?

Why is it automaticaly a thing of vanity?

2004-03-26 20:06:55 ET

Pride is a sin still :-D

2004-03-26 20:08:12 ET

ha ha ha

Hmmm, I think I see the point now.

But not all straight edgers are christian either

2004-03-26 20:11:53 ET

if you do not accept christ, it is a pass to hell...

...so either way you're screwed

2004-03-27 11:26:52 ET

....you guys took this and ran off a cliff with it

2004-03-27 15:15:42 ET

cliff diving is my specialty

2004-03-27 22:32:29 ET


Just to clarify, I know you're not motivated by status, and shouldn't have equated you with people who were.
We've talked before and I read your journal now and again. Next time I won't get on a soap box, but ... I still think you are cut out for whatever you feel like, but if you choose not to do something you shouldn't consider it a failure.

We learn more from mistakes.

2004-03-28 07:46:50 ET

I knew what you meant...I got no bad vibes man...but thanks for clarification anyway!
we do learn...hopefully

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