dumb post...
2004-04-07 19:25:23 ET

is my hair grey?????

2004-04-07 19:26:30 ET

Only in the spotlight it has the illusion..

....otherwise no

2004-04-07 19:28:04 ET

but imagine it in real light....
I think I may have turned it grey...

2004-04-07 19:57:11 ET

it doesn't look like it. very cute.

2004-04-08 03:41:59 ET

the black sometimes bleeds into the blonde for a grey effect. it happened with mine too.

2004-04-08 04:57:21 ET

In hindsight, it looks a little more purple than gray...

2004-04-08 07:59:30 ET

no. but i think it looks kool.

2004-04-08 11:30:31 ET

oh...thanks...okay I was freaking out(sorta...i kinda like it, but I knew my boss wouldn't..)
fuchsia...does it go away?

2004-04-08 12:52:52 ET

mine didnt.

2004-04-08 13:32:28 ET

i dunno. just dye it all red or black or something.

2004-04-09 07:22:38 ET

I just bleached it again....it worked

2004-04-09 12:41:44 ET

looks great :)

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