2004-04-12 11:57:00 ET

so, I have been avoiding telling anyone.
I was rejected from UCSC.
Now I need all the help I can get, I am writing an appeal letter and it is due today. I am at a loss for words.
this is my orignal essay

and here's a big problem-
last semester grades (thay are sad)
ap englich - c
(econ/)gov't - c
econ(/gov't) - b
ap stat - f
ap bio - p(ass)

and I have transferred my last japanese class to fill the language requirement....
if you say I should give up, you may be right

2004-04-12 12:55:12 ET

as kilted said, anyone who says no to that app is an idiot. so i don't think the school's worth your time in the first place.

2004-04-12 15:14:56 ET

The thing is, you could give up, but you have nothing to lose from trying. So I say contest it...

..I'll of course help you out but there is the potential that your grades could've been a factor as they can perceive it as an upcoming laziness (Colleges don't just care about your money but also about making them look good by keeping the average GPAs up).

So tell me what you'd like me to do.

Another option is that you can go to State for a year and if your grades are up there, try to transfer. There'll be a better chance for acceptance since you're past the "Freshman Flunkout" deal and have experience yet would like to give them money.

Keep me informed

2004-04-12 15:45:42 ET

did you apply elsewhere? don't feel bad either. they really aren't worth your time. i got rejected from nyu, but i'm over it. i got in everywhere else i applied, so that helps. applying other places gets you a better chance. or else go with the state thing like kilted mentioned.

2004-04-13 13:23:39 ET

yea...I gave up....I am going to disable's okay, i had nothing to stand on...I explaned everything in my app. and they just suck

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