2004-05-08 09:17:52 ET

i have a problem.....
two actually....
uno- I talk waaaaaay too much...all the time...an I do mean all the time
dos- I can't stop myself from laughing.....even in the most inapropriate situations....
so....anyone wanna help me?

2004-05-08 09:26:39 ET

I think everyone else around you needs to start participating in you're conversations and laugh right along with you, :-)

2004-05-08 09:34:37 ET

I could help....but it'd require you talking.....

2004-05-08 09:57:46 ET

Hmm.. bite your lip it helps me..sometimes. And instead of talking uhh... create stories in your mind or, write down what you want to say instead?

2004-05-08 10:07:00 ET

I only have problem number 2 cuz I laugh at inappropriate situations, but for #1 I don't have suggestions either, except you could try distracting yourself with something like with what wiggles suggested.

2004-05-08 15:08:06 ET

It's only talking too much if you don't listen to anyone else. You usually do. So that's not a problem.

And laughing is never a bad thing. Unless someone just witnessed their grandmother's decapitation. But even then, a laugh might break that awkward neck-snapping silence and cheer them up. :-D

2004-05-08 15:56:04 ET

I totally agree with Rix.

2004-05-08 17:00:31 ET

haha yup.

2004-05-09 10:20:33 ET

the sad thing is...is that i might laugh......

2004-05-10 17:28:17 ET

dont know how to help you. i have the same problems.

2004-05-10 20:11:57 ET

yeah, doesn't it suck? Actually, no. I like laughing at innapropriate times.

2004-05-10 21:23:41 ET

well I do too.... mostly i don't like it when i start laughing during innapropriate times.... or stop something to say something...

2004-05-11 07:27:00 ET

everyone laughs at inappropiate times. i'm not sure why. but it just happens.

2004-05-11 09:13:44 ET

I tend to laugh when people are most sad....

2004-05-12 19:50:28 ET

yeah, it happens to everyone.

2004-05-13 17:13:06 ET

Camille's like the doctor from the Simpsons.

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