2004-05-10 21:32:48 ET

I just saw Jason Webley live in my old work.
My old work is a teeny tiny coffee shop...
it was awesome

2004-05-10 21:48:58 ET

heh...something about how you're holding your rat keeps catching my eye.

Anyhow, what kind of music is Jason? I'd look at his site more but I have a 9am final I *should* be sleeping/studying for. *humph*

2004-05-11 07:30:36 ET

you dont work there anymore? where are you working now?

2004-05-11 13:21:18 ET

a pet supply plave that offered me more hours and money

2004-05-16 20:11:22 ET

RUN AWAY! Teh pet supply industry is the devil, it takes years to distance oneself from it.

2004-05-17 07:50:39 ET

don't worry dylan I am leaving in mid july

2004-05-17 08:40:17 ET


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