2004-05-20 18:02:55 ET

I am going to probably buy a shitload of captive bead rings wholesale and I was wondering if anyone wanted to go in on it with me, the minimum is 99$(and the thjins I need is 300 of them for 99$) for one site and another may or may not let me buy without a retail license.....if anyone is interested pm me or im me or leave me a message or.... send me a bottle or a letter or an e-mail of call or a pigeon or maybe even a flying fish........
I would be getting 16 g. 7/16 and 18 g. 7/16 plain silver captive bead rings but we can add whateve

2004-05-20 18:29:50 ET

Can you get plugs?... mines an 6 guage

2004-05-20 20:33:19 ET

whoa whoa.. bead necklaces?! all of mine are getting old and falling apart..

my big ones died on me and i started to cry

2004-05-20 20:35:15 ET

wait.. plugs? wha..

2004-05-21 05:52:10 ET

oh jackie....
they are earings..honey...

yea I thuink they have plugs too...but I will have to look

2004-05-21 14:20:16 ET

theres this place here that is called bead world and i want to go there so badly. i love my beads.. yum

i want plugs but i got my ears pierced only last year and i cried. just the normal pierce. i suck.

2004-05-21 15:26:26 ET

but we love you sucking...erm...I mean

2004-05-21 15:35:50 ET

only on my good days though..

2004-05-22 11:22:05 ET

Hahaha... guaging doesn't hurt that bad
I saw this one plug that was ivory..and had Buddha carved in it..but its too big..and I really don't want to guage it out to a 5/8 ehhhhh..

2004-05-22 13:37:48 ET

5/8? does that mean 5 to 8 inches?

i dont know the lingo for ears at all.. i know piercing.. plugs.. ear rings.. and people with more then one piercing on an ear..haha

2004-05-23 04:10:12 ET

haha... its all good... I don't know exactly how big a 5/8 but...its of those that takes up like your entire Ear lobe..and Im just thinking its not for

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