2004-05-21 05:56:15 ET

they need to make caffienated soy

my foot hurts

2004-05-21 06:25:44 ET

why not coffee with soy

2004-05-21 12:19:32 ET

coffee with soy milk works. why does your foot hurt?

2004-05-21 13:27:23 ET

those are both good questions...for whom i do not have answers

2004-05-21 18:39:00 ET


well uhhh quit chewing on it!

2004-05-22 11:12:35 ET

lol! vegans are hungry people. does it count if its your own meat?

2004-05-22 11:36:41 ET

noooooo...just recycling!!!

2004-05-23 11:36:26 ET

well recycling IS good for the environment...

2004-05-23 15:11:15 ET

exactly! so foot eating ensues!

2004-05-23 15:14:52 ET

drinking coffee is half the pleasure of caffeine.

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