2004-06-05 14:38:18 ET

these are totally random

uno!!! my senior pic

ni!! chaz kissing jules shoulder...erm..or something
I took this!! with my camera!! it was great!!

2004-06-05 14:43:03 ET

Cute picture, you look sophisticated, but down to earth ;)

2004-06-05 14:45:06 ET

haha...sounds like a movie review

2004-06-05 14:56:49 ET

hehe Sorry?

2004-06-05 14:58:58 ET

no, don't be...I think...?

2004-06-05 16:01:37 ET

ahh so cute. people are supposed to look gross in yearbook pictures. you're screwing it up for the rest of us! :D

2004-06-05 16:30:34 ET

hahaha Not senior pics. Senior pics are different (read hella expensive) ;)

2004-06-05 17:43:00 ET

pretty! it came out really well :D

2004-06-05 23:20:06 ET

Awwww... Chaz and Jules would make such an adorable couple!

2004-06-06 23:51:38 ET

kewl pics. i love your senior pic! it's great.

2004-06-07 11:17:10 ET

thanks guys! and the fuckers airbrushed it, so that is the only reason it looks nice..

and rikki...yes, yes they would

2004-06-07 11:38:51 ET

Their days would be filled with sodomy and physics discussions. Ew. I think I just pictured Chaz naked. *shudders*

2004-06-07 12:12:30 ET

who cares if it's airbrushed? it looks good.

2004-06-07 12:26:29 ET

neither chaz nor jules seem like they would be the butt sex kind of gay-man, but hey...anything can happen

thank you again

2004-06-07 12:28:00 ET

oh gee. now i just had to go and imagine that >__< ack! yw again.

2004-06-07 12:30:18 ET

hahaha....if you don't think about will go away

2004-06-07 12:33:41 ET

yes, will think happy thoughts..

2004-06-07 21:05:31 ET

ahhhhhhhh! I am sorry but that has to go away

2004-06-08 08:23:40 ET

thats a cute pic of you.

2004-06-08 10:20:20 ET

Awwww... Camille was so disgusted by my comment that she had to delete it! Wait.... AWESOME!

2004-06-08 15:51:14 ET

it was a disturbing thought...

2004-06-08 20:08:39 ET

what did it say?

2004-06-09 16:10:36 ET

nevermind that my dear

2004-06-09 22:33:59 ET

i must know!!!

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