bitch bitch bitch
2004-06-08 16:05:43 ET

This week is graduation week for me. "what?" you say, confused, and rightly so. I did graduate in January and have been out of school since, but now the ceremony...gah..
I don't want to walk and I am doing it for my New York grandmother. She is a. a huge bitch b. really stupid and c. doesn't get the vegetarian thing, let alone the vegan thing.
I seriously do not care about walking in my graduation, as far as I am concerned I did it last year, with my friends from seaside. Watching them graduate was my graduation. Rikki will vouch, I cried my ass off. My gradparents think it's a big deal, my mother understands it's not and isn't coming at all. My father he is alot in his kilted world. My sister is indifferent and I am bored.

This year has been weird and weirder, driving back and forth between monterey (the life I left behind) and Half Moon Bay (the life I escaped too). The end is coming soon and I am returning. I am going to miss Laura terribly. But I am going to be glad to get back to my life. And not just watch it in short bursts here and there.

2004-06-08 21:40:43 ET

don't worry about it. the ceremony won't even be passes before you know it.

2004-06-09 10:19:03 ET

I'm going to miss you terribly too honey...

2004-06-09 11:32:51 ET

Camille, you most certainly did. It was the first time I met you, and you were bawling like a wee babe.

Hence why I thought you were a big wimpy girl for quite a while. :-P

2004-06-09 16:13:30 ET

it was an emotional time...I got over it

2004-06-11 11:22:49 ET

I'm just teasing. I can't say for sure how I would have reacted in the same situation.

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