I'm drunk, punk!
2004-06-13 10:07:26 ET

Last night I convinced laura to go with me to a senior grad party that would include gratuitous, belligerent, drinking. I was excited, mainly 'cause I am a retarded girl and a boy I have been drooling over all year was going to be there. We were awkward at first, dubbing ourselves the "losers" of the party and keeping to ourselves. More sober people showed (yay!)and we hung out with them in front of a large bowl of chips making fun of ourselves. All the "a-list" kids were there, and it ended up awesome. As laura's chaperone I encouraged her to get shitfaced(so I could live through her). She ends up running around screaming that she's bi-curious and telling anyone she's ever had a crush on that she did. Laura makes out with around five people, I think 4 chicks and one guy. I make out with one, pretty much the whole time. The ex-pres, and this years crush, Julian. Man. This is all getting otu of hand.... more will come...

2004-06-13 11:32:09 ET

that sounds exciting.. at my school's grad night if anyone was drunk apparently they didnt let them in or they would dock the boat and kick them off.

thats why a lot of my senior chums didnt go with confusion and boredom of being sober with a bunch of dickholes on a boat for 6 hours

2004-06-13 12:09:28 ET

this wasn't grad night...this was a grad party..grad night was on thursday

2004-06-13 12:12:22 ET

oooo that makes sense then! i went to 2 grad parties.. everyone was so cute

2004-06-13 15:28:59 ET

mmm, beligerent...mmm...

2004-06-13 19:02:50 ET

your turning her towards the dark side!

2004-06-14 08:10:55 ET

The title of this entry led me to believe, momentarily, that you had broken your edge. And I could not decide whether I was bummed or happy. Congrats on make-out hour with the mystery boy!

2004-06-14 09:16:03 ET

rix-yea...i did that on purpose kinda....I didn't break my edge no worries, or parties...erm...something....

tabs- dark side?

jackie- i love my class drunk, they rock

2004-06-14 09:34:58 ET

I think I was more bummed than happy.... I think. lol

2004-06-14 17:11:26 ET

i dunno. i dont even understand myself anymore.

2004-06-14 18:54:32 ET

really? you like your class? oh man i hate mine with a slight passion. all the cool people of our school just graduated.. oh dear. seeing my class drunk would be the death of me

2004-06-14 18:58:10 ET

I like alot of them...but I also dislikes quite a few

2004-06-14 19:00:51 ET

i want to say i envy you.. but then again i must hate you.. but then again i dont hate you since i LOVE YOU! YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE

2004-06-14 19:01:29 ET

hahah...I love you too jackiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee

2004-06-14 19:03:06 ET

one day youll rule the world darling... ill be on the moon by this time of course.

ok so bush was saying how he wanted to make stations on the moon so people can live there. how crazy would that be??

2004-06-14 19:12:23 ET

pretty crazy...and I bet he hopes there's oil there....

2004-06-14 19:52:16 ET

aw but dont we all?!! .. no not really.

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