2004-06-15 18:27:05 ET

This was a big day for me. I had my first gyno exam. God Damn that was a fucking weird feeling. I went to work feeling violated and was pleasently shocked by my new boy. I am working in the back and my co-worker comes back and says "someone needs to sign for UPS and Julian is here." except she says the last part very quietly.... I went out on the floor to see him start to leave, I say something to someone about something (my mind somewhere else) and he turns around. I feel myself turn five shades of red and break out in a cold sweat. It turns out he didn't have my phone number. I have reverted to the 7th grade, the chubby depressed girl thats been hiding has come back. I am completely swept off my gad damn feet by someone I barely know. Seriosuly I am a little fucking girl.

On the up side I don't have to dread the gynochologist anymore.

2004-06-15 18:46:33 ET

mmmmmmmm... speculum.

2004-06-15 18:48:57 ET

how cute!

yeah i need to go do that thing agian.

2004-06-15 19:39:22 ET

That sounds like a damn exiting day, if nothing else. Violation and embarrassment in spades.

Don't worry, i'm still a boy. And it's easy to get swept off your feet.

2004-06-15 21:55:43 ET

dude in 7th grade i was the chubby depressed girl toooo..

now im 11th and im the completely random girl.. i should be a quikiemart worker.. or just 711 since well.. nevermind

2004-06-16 04:14:35 ET

I think us (that means me too) ugly ducklings make better people, for we know the sweet aint so sweet without the bitter. And we have a tendancy to be less snobby

2004-06-16 07:56:09 ET

I wasn't chubby, but I was a freakishly thin limbs-for miles freak. Who still managed to be a foot shorter than everybody. But I still thought I was the shit.

2004-06-16 15:17:18 ET

hmm going back in time before i got chubby i was friends with all the girls that are now the popular fake slutty girls. and if they never left me because of how i looked.. i could have been like that too.. and im so glad i was chubby.. i feel like a real person now. they're gonna get chubby soon and they wouldnt know what to do and the cycle will happen to them.. but not with a *realness* to them afterwards..


2004-06-17 02:19:57 ET

awww aren't crushes fun.

And yay for being done with gyno appointments.

2004-06-17 11:02:36 ET

I was the depressed chubby girl, too! I too am a happy-go-lucky random girl like Jackie. Boys can be full of the Woo power sometimes.

Oh yeah, and the gyno exam sounded more threatening than I thought it was going to be... needles and stuff aren't the best things to tempt me with. But the violation was slightly there, like inviting someone to watch you pee.

2004-06-17 15:50:23 ET

I too am happy go anything....not really lucky...
buuuuuuuut I am just acting like a little girl and it is lame

2004-06-18 10:08:31 ET

but its a CUTE lame??

2004-06-18 12:34:36 ET

yea... it is

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