puppy...you want it
2004-06-25 12:21:35 ET

does anyone want(or can have) a puppy that is a border collie/pittbull mix, If you do contact me and I will hold it for you, only if you can come get it... yay puppies!

2004-06-25 12:26:33 ET

Can I eat it? :-P

2004-06-25 12:40:03 ET


I wonder if I can have 2 dogs here...
Anyways.. yeah.. I'll check into that because I'm interested.
I've been wanting a pitbull or pitbull mix for a whilllleeee..

2004-06-25 15:22:38 ET

no rikki...no you can not

and ms.phreak..I will see if can hold on to it for you, but plans change

2004-06-26 06:29:10 ET

I'm just playing. I can't even glare at puppies without feeling bad. Except chihuahuas.

2004-06-26 11:35:28 ET


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