three days and I have some
2004-07-12 16:01:11 ET

freeeeeedom.... I quit my job and in three days I am free!!!
wish I had an apartment... damn that having no place to live thing...garrrrrrrrrr
no more dogs for meeeeeee
enough of that
next stop- missouri

2004-07-12 21:59:45 ET

yay for quitting!
boo for your next stop being missouri. what about me!?!?!?!?

2004-07-13 00:49:24 ET

why are you going to missouri???

2004-07-13 08:11:00 ET

laura...deary...i'm sorry...I will come and visit you before school starts I promise

jackie- my friends moved there and i want to visit them

2004-07-13 09:49:34 ET

really???? I'll be down there at the very end of augsut and begining of mom is being a bitch so i hope you are prepared to save me if i can't take it anymore

2004-07-13 11:10:27 ET

aw then that makes sense... HOW EXCITING!

2004-07-13 13:29:05 ET

laura- yes my dear in mid august i think

jackie- well i sure think so

2004-07-13 15:28:05 ET

what if you didnt think so? would your life be a spiral to the unknown!! aaahhh

2004-07-14 17:14:37 ET

hahaha...sillly grrrrrrrrrl

2004-07-14 20:43:10 ET

wooo have fun in missouri. quitting a job is one of the greatest feelings ever.

2004-07-15 10:54:49 ET

do you spit in their face or something? be a totally french man from the 18th century? ive never had a job .. so hmm

2004-07-15 15:42:55 ET

haha..i actually liked my boss so not really....

2004-07-15 16:33:00 ET

no spit?


2004-07-15 19:08:46 ET

Are you moving there or just visiting?

2004-07-17 08:29:42 ET

missouri? fuck no I am not moving there.....I love them to death, but not leaving this yea..just visiting

2004-07-17 09:27:05 ET


But since you aren't moving there, I don'y have to say it. :-P

2004-07-17 09:34:09 ET

well there you go folks...another satisfied customer

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