2004-07-21 16:48:40 ET

so there's a picture (a very badly taken blurry picture) of my pierced nose in gallery top left. I have more picture of it being pierced and a needle through my nose. There was a lot of blood and I should have planned it better. yea. that's it. Oh and yay Missouri in two days.

2004-07-21 18:07:45 ET

i cant see it. but i'm sure it looks fine.

2004-07-21 18:13:27 ET


2004-07-21 18:16:00 ET

hey wait a second after reading your bio how can you be a vegan and eat people?? hmm??? its all so confusing!

2004-07-21 19:35:49 ET

ahhh your nose bled when you got it done? ouch. mine didnt bleed at all! it looks sweet tho. keep the ring in, it suits you!

2004-07-22 06:17:30 ET

your hair looks cool!

2004-07-22 06:34:59 ET

epsilon- yes, to visit friends who abandoned me for the mid-west, it happens alot....

amanda- yea, but thats just because I am super lame and did it wrong.... diy piercings are not a good idea, but I do them anyway.... **shakes head**

madi- thank ya doll!

tabs- well if I am vegan I don't animal products, I have yet to find a book about veganism that says eating people isn't ok. In fact none of them say anything about eating people at all. So I think I'm in the clear.

2004-07-22 08:58:33 ET

okay. *eats deer burger*

2004-07-22 10:35:40 ET

ahh... i diy pierced my ears a few times, but i'd never have enough balls to do my nose. yikes. hows it doing now though?

2004-07-22 13:40:18 ET

pretty good...I keep changing the ring/stud though...cause i'm super lame

2004-07-22 16:56:29 ET

but why?
i mean you dont seem to be all that bad a person

2004-07-22 17:01:43 ET

haha yeah i changed mine from a ring to a stud after a couple days, but i got a cold 2 days after i got it pierced... yeahhhhh not fun. i'm sure it'll be fine tho if you keep it clean and stuff.

2004-07-22 20:34:46 ET

Awww. Adorable.

2004-07-22 20:43:10 ET

the nose ring looks good even if the pic is a bit blurry. darn you and your photogenic looks!

2004-07-24 07:59:54 ET

episilon...um what?

amanda-I have bad allergies right now so Ima all stuffy...i sympamathize...

rikki- why thank ya darlin

lolli- thank you!!

2004-07-25 01:38:50 ET

why are all your friends moving

2004-07-25 07:45:31 ET

ohhh... They don't actually abandon me.. They just move there
not sure why...it's cheaper?

2004-07-25 11:34:16 ET

i dunno

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