2004-07-24 08:15:32 ET

I don't believe in god. I hate Bush.
That is the conclusion I came to after seeing Farenheit 911

ON A GOOD NOTE- Ima in Missousi! yay

edit- I was kind of emotional so this entry is very bitter, please ignore... But go see if you have not already, I guarantee it will piss you off if not make you cry, no matter how hardcore of a badass you are.
I was putting off seeing it for that exact reason. SEE IT, NOW

I am also having some trouble finding the faith I once had in anything, not God so to speak, but in myself and what I stand for. Whateve.

2004-07-24 20:39:38 ET

I loved the movie as well, gave me a more full perspective on the last 4 years. And the horror the US is capable of.
As for faith, no one, and i mean no one, can always have faith in themselves or anything really. It's a natural instinct to occasionally think in the other direction, even when it's something u deeply believe in. As long as u can be happy and who you are, u should have faith in yourself.

2004-07-25 00:33:34 ET

talk about an emotional rollercoaster, that movie was amazing. You don't belive in god because of that movie? Well, believing is something that I don't do for anything, but why would the movie bring you to that conclusion?

2004-07-25 07:53:10 ET

Well no, it just made me realize that I doin't believe in god, I might change my mind later, but now I think I have lost most of my faith (if not all) in the higher powers. It was just so sad... I think when the Iraqi mother started screaming about her children and oh god why in Arabic it really got to me. Most of my life the word god has meant little or nothing to me, but the name for god in arabic (Alah and the rest of the 99 names) have meant much more. I have struggled for a long time with my faith and spirituality, this movie just gave it a good, firm, bloody kick out the door. I felt the world and human kind is to sad to be protected by a god, any god, or whatever it is or whatever they are gave up a long time ago and is now just watching us destroy each other emotionally culturally physically and spiritualy.. I think I am done ranting now.

2004-07-25 10:31:36 ET

lol well I can understand what you mean. I base all things I know and understand on their evidence and prima facie logic. Using this method has yeilded a result similar to Ludwig Von Wittgenstein's philosophy: "what we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence". In other words, the question is a false delimma, "Does God exist?" Because it makes the assumption that the universe either operates with an ommipotent diety or it does not, which is an unfounded suspicion, because the reasons we have for asking the question are not based out of any opther logic, only stories and mythology. Since we had evidence that the universe was expanding, we asked "did the universe start with a big bang?" and after finding cosmic ray radiation, we know the answer is yes. But the question of god is born out of conjecture and is completely man-made.
Hope I didn't bore you to death. I think I might post this in my journal.

2004-07-25 13:27:11 ET

No you didn't. I'm glad you shared your insite

2004-07-25 13:55:58 ET

i really wanna see fahrenheit 9/11. i still haven't but i will soon...and it sounds intense. interesting post about faith and whatnot also. i guess you just have to have experiences, and go deep inside yourself to find what you truly believe. i mean, maybe god is completely manmade, or maybe there is something out there, not necessarily a god as we'd picture, but something. no one will know for sure until the day we're all dead and can find out for ourselves.

2004-07-25 14:22:56 ET

Michael Moore actually kinda just pisses me off. Even though he often has good points, I think he's a self-loving, Messiah-complex, one-sided bully. If you want to know why, I will be glad to explain.

2004-07-26 11:29:50 ET

yeah, please explain. i've not seen his stuff, but i've heard it's good. i'd like to here what you have to say.

2004-07-26 18:53:39 ET

(taken from an IM with BastardCaleb)

As I said before, I think he brings up some good points. However, he makes some of these points by bullying innocent people (take, for example the K-Mart scene in Bowling for Columbine) and carrying himself like a self-proclaimed messiah. Also, I would have more respect for his movies if he didn't use such propaganda-like methods. A fact has a lot more impact when presented at face value, rather than pumped up on emotional steroids. Or, at least, if you're going to use heart-string tugging, do it tactfully, in small doses. But, I will give credit where credit is due. He definitely does his research, and is definitely very dedicated to a basically good cause, even if (I think) it might be partly out of hubris.

2004-07-27 00:02:35 ET

what you're saying makes sense. now when i see his stuff i'll be thinking of him as an arrogant, self-proclaimed messiah. but i'll still listen to the point. i'm glad you just pointed out the annoying stuff he does. always nice to know.

2004-08-01 14:41:13 ET

I try not to just be like, "He's stupid!!!" And not have a reason or explanation. lol

2004-08-01 15:01:53 ET

lol yeah. i'm glad you don't do that, cuz then that would just leave everyone lost.

2004-08-01 20:27:15 ET

We need a chat room.....

2004-08-01 22:23:45 ET

there is a chat room......

2004-08-03 22:15:28 ET

But a good one. AIM

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