2004-08-17 21:03:48 ET

So my friend started a paper/online zine and she wants submissions of art. It can be anything you consider art-photograph, drawings, paintings, short stories, poetry, shit smeared on cardboard whatever
just so long as it's art we don't care
heres the site- www.coughzine.tk
the girl with the s/n of tinabeast is the woman in charge so e-mail her if you have questions

and I have new hair, go look

2004-08-17 21:08:44 ET

the new hair is really nice!

2004-08-17 21:16:04 ET

rockin' me thinks. can't tell to much.

2004-08-17 22:36:14 ET

looks great!
are you in Monterey, CA? Just curious, I used to live there.

2004-08-17 22:52:23 ET

I like you better as a brunette.

Is the zine themed?

2004-08-17 23:27:37 ET

Your hair is both cute and kickass.

2004-08-18 12:39:30 ET

I love the new hair

2004-08-18 13:36:37 ET

Your new avatar is teh cuteness. Serious.

2004-08-19 06:50:13 ET

thank you guys!

plasticity- I used to live in Monterey, now I am in the Bay Area... in less than two weeks it willl be SF

rikki- it's art themed... sorta.... it's very big on DIY also...so um...DIY ART?

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