2004-11-10 18:46:51 ET

so over the years my lust has been mis-translated into love by my young naive self. I am still young and naive but I am figuring out that want is not love and love does not neccessarily mean want....um...that made more sense before I wrote it down. Right-o. I am also waiting for life to crash on me. It's going to well. How are all of you anyway? I am trying to become an active sk member again and failing miserably...

Mattress shopping story!
I went to look for a mattress(or at least look at them) with my bud alex(who rocks me). First step- go to mattress discounters on Geary. Second step- be accosted by sales man who has me fill out a credit application (I know I have no credit, I am fucking 18) and then discovers that, indeed, I can not afford the bed set thing(no shit, I said that. Didn't I?) he is trying to sell me. He's been nice up until this point and I get the feeling he thinks alex and I are doin' the nasty (I guess we have lesbo vibes? which for me I get, but I always thought she was straight). Oh.. right, he also at one point talked about how I would always think of my mother when using this bed. That didn't really bother me because the bed technically is a present from her, 'cept he said "using" and not "sleeping". So whateve, after he see's I have no credit he offers me a job... At that store.. which he manages.. right.... we soon left after that.. I don't think I will go in there until my appearence has changed drastically again.
Weird little man.

2004-11-12 17:26:30 ET

don't replace me..... :pouts:

alex is straight...at least that's what she told me when I hit on her.

2004-11-15 11:36:24 ET

laura.. I knew that... I am not replacing you.. just like you have not replaced anyone.. I have room for everyone in my heart

2004-11-15 18:16:09 ET

uh, no, actually I've replaced you quite easily.



2004-11-16 12:52:25 ET

i meant you didn't replace any of my friends you retard... thats right you havn't replaced me bitch...

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