gag me
2004-12-28 07:24:07 ET

after a month of thinking it was all about the sex I went to his house and we did that just that. this made me (and him too apparently) freak out all day yesterday. We decided that we need to be friends and that is all. This is not what I want. Not at all. But what anyone wants and what they need are very different. This will always be the case. I can't stand this crap anymore, so I need a friend. I hope he can be it and I can move the fuck on. To something stable normal and less complicated. Ha. Good fucking luck right?

I just hope I don't spend the next 5 years or so harboring the idea that when I am older I will still want him and vice versa. Maybe I need therapy.

oh uh. Happy Holidays!

2004-12-28 08:41:49 ET

you can go out with me

2004-12-28 12:34:13 ET

woot! i think i just need time to let it all go

2004-12-28 22:40:20 ET

ha its like drinking.. you cant really do anything about the messed upness but let time pass.. wasnt that on a permit test question?

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