2005-01-16 13:22:46 ET

why, why are people so hostile towards vegans?
any reasonable explanation is greatly appreciated...
it has begun to boggle my mind...

(I mean vegans who are just vegan, not the overly pretentious fuckass ones.)

2005-01-16 13:27:09 ET

because people usually meet deviation with resent. Same goes for all alternative lifestyles. i say fuck those bastards, they're just jealous that they can't control their urges to match their own ethics, so they eat abused animals all day, but give their dog a bath right afterward. Make any sense at all?

2005-01-16 13:32:04 ET

probably for the same reason people say "I hate Christians" because a crazy guy screamed at them about God speaking to him one day.

basically they meet one fuckhead that leaves a bad taste in their mouth about the rest of the group

2005-01-16 13:42:55 ET

I'm just hostile towards the pretentious ones...

...the rest of y'all don't bug me unless you try to make me feel like crap for enjoying my Moo Cow Burger.

2005-01-16 16:59:59 ET

Because lots of vegans come off as being morally superior simply by rejecting stuff others would eat. Whether they are preaching or not, picking and choosing what goes on your plate is a very political act.

2005-01-16 18:12:34 ET

you hate beef, therefore you hate america.

2005-01-17 16:27:52 ET

yeah, the last guy got it.

2005-01-22 01:13:10 ET

woah now. i hate america, but love beef. what does that make me?

2005-01-22 05:45:59 ET

a communist. duh.

2005-01-23 19:29:05 ET

thank you, all of you.
I think you may have it ben!

if you love america and hate beef then whats that? and if I hate beef and america then...am I also a communist?

2005-01-24 12:41:39 ET

Naw, then your just a hippie. :-p

2005-01-29 05:39:26 ET

Same thing, right???

2005-01-29 13:11:10 ET

One drinks more. One smokes more.

2005-02-01 18:39:48 ET

same thing

2005-02-04 20:41:10 ET

So now it's all on the table. Camille is an unamerican communist hippy. Explains so much. ;-)

2005-02-15 21:08:26 ET

bugsy got it.

plus, I mean, with almost everyone in my school (ontario college of art and design) pretending to be sophisticated vegans, whose to say which one is dumber? so we just make fun of'em all.

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